In Which I Share Pretty Book Pictures

pretty book pics share.png


I’m currently camping. But I’m also tired of missing my blog post days. It’s not that hard to write a post, even a small one.

There for:

Have some pretty book pictures and listen to me ramble. XD

So all of these pictures of Nadine Brande’s books were taken down the road at a soybean field. There’s, of course, some old sketchy fence posts that are perfect for posing dystopian books.

I’m missing A Time to Speak in my set and it hUrTs.


see my pain?


This love book is Martin Hospitality. It’s an adorable, sweet, well written story by Abigayle Claire. Also, can we talk about the cover?! IT’S GORGEOUS. I wanna make book covers that pretty. XD


Sometime soon I’m going to retake pictures with this book at a field with corn, not soy. XD
All of the dystopian books I own! And all but the Giver and Divergent are Christian dystopian. *self plug for my genre* 😉



This book isn’t as well known, but… It’s still pretty good.

Well guys, I hope you enjoyed that slightly off-kilter post. I’ll be back to regular posting next Sunday.


Love, Jeneca.


July 2017 Monthly Look Back

wElP. I am here. My apologies for the sudden and un-intended hiatus. I’ll just dive into my highlights instead of explaining my address up here.


july 2017 mlb

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.21.17 PMTBH, July started out as an hard month. I’ve been struggling a lot with stress/depression/anger.

It hasn’t been fun, but it’s partially my own fault. I haven’t been spending enough time in God’s word, and I had a friend/mentor/teacher/sister in Christ pass away this month. It was after a year’s fight with a rare cancer… I’m sad at the same time I’m happy. It’s grief. She’s finished her fight, her pain is over, but her family doesn’t have their mother.

But then, I went to my absolute favorite place, a Christian art camp that never fails to lift me up. The community, the encouragement, the love of Christ just flows through the people there. It never fails to just take my heart, squeeze out the darkness and pain, and then fill it back up again with Jesus. 

Since I’m going to be a senior this year, it was my last camp. But… it was so good. I’ve so appreciated the last four years. My heart is full.

That’s been the overall look at my month… some other highlights, though:

  • I got grand champion on a drawing at the county fair and now I get to go to state? Fun times. XD
  • I’m so excited to go back to that camp as a counselor after my mandatory gap-year.
  • At camp, I got to spend the week writing and talking with an author who’s published a dozen or more books. I just sent him my first few chapters for him to look over and possibly link me up with the industry.  (that was a run-on, oops.
  • I’m really excited about art right now for some reason?? XD


Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.21.55 PM

I kinda sorta failed in the whole “reading books” thing this month. Our library was holding their summer reading program until July 15th, and every book you checked out meant you could get a slip of paper to enter into a drawing. I was going for the mini fridge orrr the 40$ B&N gift card. I won neither, even though I’m pretty sure I checked out well-over twenty books. Oh well. xD

But I have been stressed out and not left with much time to read… or I’ve been avoiding it.

Probably avoiding it. I avoid things that are good for me? This is a fact about me and I don’t know why. XD I read THREE WHOLE BOOKS. Two were graphic novels and literally took me an hour or two to read. Go read Real Friends by Shannon Hale IT WAS SO GOOD.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 8.26.53 AM

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.22.15 PM

Wel wel weeeel well wel wel welllllll.

Writing has been kinda sorta hard this month too?! I started strong going for Camp NaNo, but then fizzled out. I got stuck on a scene and then kinda sorta backed away? *hides*

But…. I’ve had some good talks with some good peoples. I’ve been stepping back and surveying the damage I’ve done writing series.

I’m trying hard to, well, not try hard. Praying about it, thinking about it, not thinking about it. I’m prepping to query now… or something like that.

But everyone needs a breather sometimes, right? After having gone to camp I feel refreshed and more ready to tackle stuff. I wrote a short story at camp, as well as two little paragraph thingys, one of which got read by the drama studio at camp. It was beautiful.

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 6.23.03 PMOh, man. I’m going to have to schedule some posts. Why? Because I’m leaving this week for a camping trip/DC trip/road trip that’ll last till mid-august. Things will be SPARSE on twitter and Instagram, but I still love you all. No worries.

I may end up posting some of the stuff I wrote at camp, some pretty book pictures I’ve taken, or… hey, if any of you want to guest post. Contact me and maybe we’ll work something out.


See you all in August!