Five Books That Made Me Cry and Why

Five. Why is it that whenever I list a number of things in a post, it’s five? Seriously, I’m not planning it this way guys. Perhaps five is simply an attainable number both when writing lists and reading them.

5 books cry.png

Arguably one of most wonderful things a book can do for you is make you cry. Of course, it’s not the most wonderful emotion, as crying  tears of joy or tear of sadness hurts and is often connected to a life-changing event… but it’s so raw. There is a certain sense of connection felt when you cry over something.

And if you’ve managed to cry over a hunk of pages, no doubt something is happening there. What is it that makes us cry over cut paper with words on it?

Let’s discuss that. Some people rarely cry over books. Some people cry over every book they read. It’s a personality thing, and I’m somewhere in the middle.

I thought it would be fun to list out five of the books that made me cry, and then we can look at the common threads that forced tears from my eyes and emotion from my chest.

As a fair warning, however, this post does contain slight spoilers for some of these books. I’ll make sure to list the title beforehand, thought, so you can check to see if you’ve read it or not. I hate spoilers, too.

I’ll count down from how hard I cried over each book (it can’t get lamer than that, folks)

5. Siren’s Song by Mary Weber

This book was oh so difficult to get through. Although it’s the third in a trilogy and has tons of drama and plot twists and a huge ticking bomb, I wasn’t motivated to finish.

…until, that is, the end. The battlefield. Myles. Nymia nearly dying. Okay, so I seriously thought she was dead. This is the twenty first century and, well, sometimes the main character dies after you spend three books trotting around with them.

That whole scene tugged at me. I couldn’t help but thing of the future she was sacrificing, the happiness, peace, …Eogan…

4. Resist by Emily Ann Putzke


You might not be familiar with this one, but Resist tells the story of the White Rose Resistance. They were a group of German college students that stood up to the Nazis during World War II by writing pamphlets, and in the end, paid the ultimate price.

I knew it was coming. It was so obvious what was coming, and I’d known about the White Rose before reading this book but yes still… I cried.

You know what did it? This quote from Sophie Scholl, brother to one of the main pamphlet writers:

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 11.39.16 AM

I highly, highly recommend this book, by the way. You can get it here. And that’s not an affiliate link.

3. A Time to Rise by Nadine Brandes


I got weepy at times throughout the series (and yes, the first book… Jude…*sigh*) But after traipsing across the globe, bearing their struggles with them and the ENDING, I sobbed. It was over. It was so good.

2.Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling


I remember a long, long time ago, when I was a wee thing of eleven or twelve, sitting in the  top of my bunk bed reading. What was I reading, you ask, that made me cry? the Deathly Hallows.

For the third or fourth time.

I feel more okay about spoiling this one, since it’s Harry Potter, but beware: spoilers ahead.

Do you remember when Harry goes into the Forbidden Forest, opens the darn snitch and finds the resurrection stone and all of the ‘ghosts,’ come out? MY HEART. He talks to Sirius, to Lupin… all these people who died too soon, who still had lives ahead of them. All these people who had been in Harry’s lives and thoughts for all these years… and Lupin was going to have a son to raise…

My heart. I remember tears streaming down my cheeks and just soaking in that the sadness…

only to have my mother walk in and me have to explain that I was alright, that I was just reading this Harry Potter book again and it was making me wonderfully sad.


1.Les Miserables by Victor Hugo


This may seem like a odd choice, seeing as the brick is over a thousand pages long. How could you cry at a book that’s over a thousand pages long?!

Because you have a thousand pages to bond over each of the miserable character’s lives and loves and stories and hurts and goals and MERGH.

The end, with Jean Valjean? Okay, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting it at all. My heart was bursting the whole time and I finished the book  wracking in sobs and blowing my nose   I want to cry just thinking about. (and listening to ‘The Epilogue’ on the Les Mis soundtrack…)

In conclusion, I cry at the injustice. After getting into these characters heads and falling in love with them, when things happen that just aren’t fair, that reflect the pain and heart ache in our real world.

So the moral of this blog post? Write people, real ones, that you can connect with. Let us feel apart of their story and become immersed in their world and struggles. Make them deep, make them real and make them relatable, so we can cry when the time comes.

And because you stuck around, here’s a pie chart. Because pie XD:


What books have made you cry? What do you think makes people cry over books?

Beautiful People March 2017 Edition

At the prospect of another beta reader call out at the end of March, (hold on to your hats, folks, we’re getting there…) I thought it would be fun to do a Beautiful People link up. I haven’t done one of these for a good long while, so it’s a long time coming!

beautiful people march 2017

As always, it’s hosted by the lovely Cait and Sky.

We’ll be talking about Lyric, the main character in my book Sparrow Singing.

I babble a lot about my book over here (and on Twitter… and on Instagram… I’m making up for not talking about it in real life, you see) but if you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s the synopsis:

Sparrow isn’t her real name, but she doesn’t really have one.

It’s either her assigned number, the stage name she was branded with, or the childhood nickname given to her by her best friend.
In a school training up the nation’s next pop stars, she discovers something that was thought to have been stamped out years ago. It would shake the core of this realm built upon sand, free the people dying far from the core, and tear down the social division.
But to survive, you must thrive. You must have a voice, good looks, and musical talent, and it all must be perfect. If utter perfection isn’t reached, you’re thrown into the outer core, where people are aren’t heard from again.
When time comes, will Sparrow be able to sing?

It’s basically The Voice meets The Hunger Games with Jesus in it. *shrug* I don’t know if there’s any better way to describe it mash-up wise…

Anyway, here’s Lyric to answer some of the questions. 😀


What is your favorite book, movie, play, etc? 

Living in such a hub of entertainment, I have both a lot to choice from and practically nothing. *sigh* It just all feels the same. Romance and drama get old after being soaking in it for fifteen years! I do like piano music, but we aren’t talking about music.

Is there anything you regret doing? 

Well, yes… I mean, doesn’t everyone? I’m sure Idella even has something she regrets… actually, I’d have to say Idella is my biggest regret. I should have distanced myself from her in the Nurtury, or at least stood up to her early on in our friendship. Maybe I wouldn’t be living like a pancake underneath her thumb all the time. 

Don’t tell her I said that. 

If you were sick or wounded, who would take care of you, and how? 

*laughs* Shrew, for sure. I mean. Peyton. Peyton… I have a feeling he would be super hyper about me getting better and wouldn’t leave my side, even if he does like to fly by the seat of his pants.

Peyton. Basically. Minus the red hair.

What would you say are five ways to win your heart… or friendship?

Ah, well, I haven’t thought of that before. I think if someone were to sit and listen to what I actually have to say, that would be one way. Also, if they don’t jump to conclusions or sell me out, that would be nice. Basically, if they don’t act like everyone else at the Institute, maybe like Ember and Peyton, I’ll be friends with them. 

Describe your typical outfit from top to bottom.

Hah, a typical outfit that I pick out for myself, or one that Idella picks out for me? I’d usually content in a pair of strappy sandals, jean shorts and an airy top, since it’s so hot in here… But Idella usually puts me in a dress. One that’s most likely too short, very thin, and shows everything.

What’s your favorite type of weather?

Sunshine, blissful sunshine with some perfect puffy clouds in the sky. I also love when the wind is blowing in from the west with a tinge of coolness on it, canceling out the brutal heat. I like thunderstorms, too, but as long as they don’t get too loud. 

Do you have any names or nicknames you’ve been called throughout your life? 

Depends on who you ask, but ever since I received the name Lyric in Phase One, Idella calls me Ly a lot. But Peyton and I… we’ve had nicknames for each other since before the naming assignment. I’m Sparrow, and he’s Shrew. Don’t ask what a shrew is, I think it’s some sort of mouse… How he would know that sort of thing, I don’t have a clue.

What makes your heart just feel alive?

Would it sound cliché to say music? Not necessarily music I make in studio or music produced in the Core, but music that I make on my own. Nothing else quite opens me up and puts me back together again. Nothing else in the entire Institute is so freeing as strumming around on my guitar or playing the cool keys of piano.

What about your characters? Is there anything they regret? How is your writing coming along this month?