A New Beginning


First posts are always awkward. Actually, first anything is awkward. First day of school, first episode of a series, first chapter in a book. I mean, you have to introduce the setting, characters, perhaps a problem or two, all without being pushy and tacky. So I’ll just start out with a welcome.

Welcome to Jeniqua! Bienviendos tu mi nueva blog??

Sorry about that– Spanish probably isn’t your primary language, nor does it have anything to do with writing, reading and or this blog.

My name is Jeneca, and this is my new blog. I’ve blogged in the past– thank goodness you can no longer see my blog posts from 2011, those were scary-sad– but this is my new blog! A clean slate, a blank canvas, no more blogspot…


Anyway, instead of babbling on about myself, you are welcome to read my about page. Or my writings page. Or none of them at all. Iffin you’re not interested in the writings of a high school girl working towards publication and rambling about reading and writing, perhaps this blog isn’t for you. (Specifically if you can’t stand cats, or food. Because I enjoy both of those things. Perhaps they’ll appear some day on the blog. Hopefully not together, because cat hair and smoothies do. not. mix.)

So there! First post is out of the way. I’ve introduced myself, now how about you? Who are you? Feel free to comment down below. 🙂

-Jeneca Z.



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