Updates// Apologies & I got a TWEETER.


So, I missed my posting time on both Wednesday AND Thursday.

taylor swift sorry i'm sorry


Why is this?

Well, Sunday I was just busy, and what I planned to post just didn’t work out in time. Wednesday marked my second day away from home and away from my laptop, so, no abilities to post there. (writing posts on the WordPress app isn’t fun)

But I am here now! Sadly, without a real post. Because today is my birthday, and tomorrow I will be busy-ish. So perhaps you all will get something on Saturday. I’m trying to come up with a new schedule idea thing. Tuesday and Saturday, maybe?? We’ll see. *shrugs*

BUT ASIDE FROM APOLOGIES (which, in the blogging world, if done to much, can be really annoying) I GOT A TWEETER.

This is an interesting development because I’ve never had a Twitter or Facebook. So far I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. If you have an account, feel free to comment your handle down below, or just follow me. I’m @jeniquawrites




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