Monthy Look Back: June 2016

Monthly Look Back

Another month over! I can’t believe how quickly June passed. So much happened, even though I feel like I just blinked, and how half the year is over. O_O

But here’s a monthly wrap up.

MLB June 2016

Books read 4:

june 2016 books

Well, it’s better than last month, where I clocked in at a whopping two books. (my last wrap up post says one, because I wrote the post before May was over. guess I was a bit excited, there.)  If you’re interested in reading any of my little blurb/reviews for these books, they’re on my goodreads.

Although this total appears small, I’ve officially surpassed the half way mark for my reading goal this year!

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 6.40.28 PM

Writing That got Wrote:

I talked about this in my editing post, but to summarize: this month I set my WIP to a beta reader, gathered myself together, and then spent a week with a real life author and had her read and critique my Prologue and story concept. (kinda) Also gathered lots of brainstorming inspiration, because my brain keeps popping up with random ideas and filling plot holes in my WIP.


Favorite Blog Posts read:

Since I was with a real live author for a week at camp, not much blog reading got done. So I apologize. But here are a few… or two…

Tunisian Crochet Pattern for Harry’s Gryffindor Scarf

Top 10 Soundtracks for Writing Fantasy

Purposeful Pages Link-Up Launch!

Blog posts that got published:

But shockingly, I still published just as many posts as last month??

Don't quote Me!


Beautiful People #18: Childhoods

Fantastic Dialog Tag


the Les Mis Post

TEJ Update June 2016

Life that happened:

I went to camp. Camp was great.

I also read a really fabulous book (A TIME TO DIE *COUGH COUGH*) that both depressed me (how can I possibly write like this, my book will never be finished) and inspired me. (YES THIS GENRE EXISTS AND IS POSSIBLE TO WRITE! FULL STEAM AHEAD.)

Also, I’m doing Camp NaNo this month. It’s a laughable idea, seeing that all the other months I’ve tried, I never even begin. I’m a November kind of NaNoer, ya know? Every November I go in hyped up and completely mostly prepared and then come out with some amount of words.

But this month I’m just editing my WIP and trying to boost 67k to 75k. So far, I’ve added a good 500 words or so.

We’ll see. Perhaps I’ll do an update, even though there won’t be much to update on.

“Oh look, I figured out how to shimmy some words in here, and remove some clutter over there! *insert new scene on the left* *remove useless description on the right* ”


How was YOUR month? Are you still struggling to write 2016 at the end of dates? (I’m struggling with writing the correct month number. *struggles*)

Are you doing Camp NaNo?




4 thoughts on “Monthy Look Back: June 2016

  1. Ooh I was wondering if I should pick up ‘A Time to Die’ but since you like it so much I’ll have to try it (I swear blogs are the reason my TBR is too big). My month was pretty good as school finally finished and I now have more time to write/procrastinate. I’m not doing CampNaNo, but I’m doing a 100-for-100 challenge where I write 100 words per day for 100 days. So far I’m doing okay, and hopefully I’ll conquer it! 😀


    1. Haha, My TBR is growing too after reading blogs and twitter posts. XD I’d lend you my copy, but that would be hard.
      I think you can get the first chapter on Nadine Brande’s site. That’s what hooked me.
      Congrats on finishing school! I must do math all summer to catch up. ;P I’ve heard of the 100-for-100 before. Cheer’s to you conquering! (and your dedication. I don’t know if I could do 100 days. Thirty, that I can do. but 100? O_O)
      What are you working on?


  2. What is A Time to Die about? It looks interesting 🙂 My june involves plenty of reading,running, music practice, and Internetting and also some holidaying (aka hiking/travelling with my family). Now I have to catch upo on about a zillion blog posts 🙂


    1. That’s just how I felt coming back from camp, except only being gone a week there was a lot less to catch up on.
      A Time to Die is about a girl who, knowing she has a year left to live, is trying to make her days worth it. Only everything she’s ever done or tries to do just doesn’t work. She ends up being sent through ‘the wall’ which splits the east and west sides of America. She’s expecting wasteland of death and despair, but ends up with something very different…
      It’s so good. I can’t really explain it. XD


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