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Okay, so I couldn’t resist on this one. Especially when I was just thinking the other day, “Gee, I’m googling a lot of weird stuff for this story. I should tell everyone about it.” But I didn’t want to tweet it.

I was tagged by Melissa Gravitis of Quill Pen Writer at the perfect time. Thanks, Melissa!

The rules are as follows:

1) Dig deep into your computer history and list five of your most recent and interesting searches for writing research; how to murder someone, is the sky blue, anything! And if you please, share a little about what you learned from these searches.

2) Thank and link to whoever tagged you. Also if I didn’t tag you, if you could link to the creator (me), that would be awesome.

3) Tag at least three other bloggers!

4) Have fun 😉

Here are five recent searches… no judging, alright ;P

1. How long does it take to get drunk?

Okay, yes. I googled this. How am I supposed to know? I needed this for a scene with one of my characters (she’s one of my favorites and is actually getting a novel of her own hopefully this November) who is a heavy drinker.

Conclusion? It depends on the drink, drinker, and how much alcohol is consumed.

2. Could technology recover after an EMP/ Could a solar flare wipe out technology/What would it take to destroy all technology?

So this came from trying to decide what kind of technology my world has, or at least how much there is. In most sci-fi/dystopian, there’s major futuristic technology. But there are ways that our technology could be wiped out in a very quick and concise manner.

My conclusion? Even if it was wiped out, we would still have the information to build some of it again. So there is technology in my world, it’s just not everywhere.

3. Basic contouring for begininers.

I’ll let you in on a little secret– I’m no makeup artist, and all my characters are wearing obscene amounts of the stuff in my WIP everyday, everywhere. So I youtubed and now I have it down pat a basic understanding.

Conclusion? Contouring is amazing, as is creepy, because its like a mask. (which is perfect for my story mwhahahahha)

4. Chinese names meaning dishonor

Could not find what I wanted. *sad*

5. Dance move through the years.

My characters are in a club. Everyone is dancing. Lyric gets pulled into doing some kind of dance move. But I didn’t have a clue what dance move, so I started watching dance videos that stretched from 1920s to today, trying to come up with a name.

It shouldn’t have been as hard as it was. Dance moves just have funny names: Blackbottom, Cotton eyed joe, Pop and lock, Mashed potato, Dougie, the whip, stanky leg.

What did I come up with? The Flicker Sway. Hopefully I’ll come up with something better soon.
So in conclusion, I tag:


I was going to be a good girl and pick people, but I got stressed out trying to choose. So yes, if you’re reading this and would like to do the tag, by all means do it!


Do you ever google random or weird things like this? Have any ideas for dance move names?

2 thoughts on “The Blood Stained Search Bar Tag

  1. Yay you did it! I love all your searches. The technology one reminded me of a search I did a couple years back on how to take down the whole internet…it is very possible (my characters may or may not have been trying to figure out how to control the internet=control the world). As for dance moves, it seems like a lot of them are named after food or animals but I don’t really have any bright ideas. Flicker Sway is kind of catchy. XD


    1. Aw thanks! And controlling the internet to controlling the world makes a lot of sense… but what were your characters trying to accomplish? XD
      Thanks for the suggestion… maybe I’ll just start making up a bunch of dance moves and one will stick.


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