Be Thankful For Your Story

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((This was written on Sunday, July 10th in a flurry to finish my two art projects and get them completed for judging the following Wednesday. I didn’t have time for my Sunday post so I wrote this instead. Enjoy!))

Be Thankful for your Story

Being thankful for your story, no matter what.

After getting back from camp in June, I’ve had a new breath of inspiration. No, it’s not some magical trick I learned that makes writing everything easier, but I feel better about my story in the long run. I feel like I’m getting somewhere, like I’m finding those mistakes and plot holes and writing them up.

But you know what? It’s not always like this. It’s not always “I’m so happy my story is coming together and everything’s working in great.”

A lot of the time it’s frustration: it’s being stuck in a hole you dug yourself, it’s being unable to word the sentence right, being unable to tie in your theme and unable to convey the change in your character’s mindset.

Sometimes, it’s just majorly boring. Every scene is ho-hum and even your high points and climax feel ehh. (Chances are you’ve read it too many times.)

But still other times, it’s good. Things are going well. Ideas are coming together, chapters have a coherent plot line, and your characters are acting right.

So take a second to stop.


And be thankful for however far you’ve gotten.

Yes, even if you’re struggling to write and the whole idea is a bomb. Be thankful up you’ve got an idea, be thankful you’ve had any time at all to write it and just keep going. Chances are, you’ll climb out of this slump and, whether or not your story survives, you’ve learned a lot along the way.

Even if you don’t end up doing things with this manuscript, or you’ve been hurt by writing this story, perhaps you’ll be able to salvage pieces of it for a later time. Maybe these characters or these situations will pop up at a later time in an even better novel.

Perhaps you can encourage someone else with you failures or successes, and push them further in the process.

Be thankful for your story, and the opportunity you’ve had to write it.


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