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I was tagged by Sara Letournaeu to do the Six Question Character Challenge, and it’s awesome. Challenged me to think deeper about my characters. So thank you, Sara!

six question character challege.png

The six question character tag ask you six questions, and you have to answer them for three (or however many you want) of your WIP’s Characters. Should be fun!

and *squeals* this will help you be further acquainted with some peeps from my WIP, which I recently renamed “Sparrow Singing.” I used to call it “The Sparrow Who Couldn’t Sing,” but that’s long. Wayyy to long.

Here’s an explanation of a few of the prompts from Brianna Da Silva’s original post:

The first prompt asks for a “contradiction.” In case you start wondering what this means, it’s basically this: every important character in your story should have something contradictory or seemingly inconsistent about their personality. We see this with people in real life, and it’s the mark of a rounded, three-dimensional character.

Note that this is probably the hardest of the prompts, so don’t worry if it takes some deep thinking. But please consider: if you can’t find any contradiction at all in your character’s personality, it’s probably a sign you need to develop him/her a little more. So, it’s a good exercise to do, no matter what.:)

The second prompt asks for a Meyers-Briggs personality type. If you’re unsure what type your character is, you can take the test on their behalf here.

Also, the fourth prompt asks how your character would slay a dragon. This is purely hypothetical; there are no dragons in my book, for example, so the prompt can be applied to any genre you want!

So, without further adieu:

We have my two main characters, Lyric and Peyton, and my antagonist Idella… because you have yet to meet her and I pretty much love her. XD

Sparrow: Lyric (also known as “Sparrow”)

Contradiction: A nervous and un-selfconfident  performer/musician.

Meyers-Briggs: INFJ “The Advocate”

Favorite color(s): Teal-turquoise blue.

How would she slay a dragon? Lyric would not slay a dragon. Most likely she would see it, panic, and her best friend Peyton would have to convince her not to scream or else they’d be eaten.

Her darkest secret: She was beaten and burned with scalding shower by her instructors  when she was preschool age in the ‘Nursery Institute.’ She shouldn’t have been able to pass into the next Phase, or make it all the way to the end of school at all. But due to a paper mistake back in the NI her genetics were discovered and that saved her from walking down a dark hallway into who knows what.

She bears a few small reminders from this event. She’s mainly afraid someone will remember that she was the child chosen to set an example of obedience for everyone else and not pass, or that the events will be repeated and she’ll have to walk down that hallway.

Where does she see herself in 10 years? She’s quite stuck in her self-doubt and “I’ll never pass the final performance and go to live in the Core.” mentality. But deep down she knows she’ll end up stuck in the Core, living out her dreams of writing and singing her own music, and hopefully doing so with Peyton.

ShrewPeyton Lawrence (also know as “Shrew”)

Contradiction: Dedicated to his friendship with Lyric in a culture of only using others for what you need

Meyers-Briggs: ISFP “Adventurer”

Favorite color(s): Green and Brown

How would he slay a dragon? He would probably jump in without thinking and distract it by running about to get an idea of his surroundings, then try to find some item or place he could use against it.

His darkest secret:  In a school training him to be a top rate singer and performer, he really doesn’t like singing and entertaining as much as he should. In fact, he’d love to get out of school and try or go somewhere else. Singing for fun or on the side, fine, but not professionally.

Where does he see himself in 10 years? He’d like to be in a small house far from prying eyes and far from the Core, living with his best friend Lyric and taking care of whatever she needs. But in all realities, he knows he’ll end up in the Core.

IIdella: della Emerson:

Contradiction: A girl who picks up and drops off boys left and right, but desperately wants someone to stay with her.

Meyers-Briggs: ESFJ “Consul” 

Favorite color(s): Any color she thinks complements her hair and eyes in the moment.

How would she slay a dragon? Idella slaying a dragon is laughable. She would probably scream, and get herself eaten… but if it was attacking her one and only true love (whoever that is) she might just flip, turn nasty, and try chopping its head off.

Her darkest secret: *spoilerrrrrrs*

Where does she see herself in 10 years? Happily situated in the Core, living with an adoring boyfriend and fulfilling all of her dreams of reaching the top in all the charts. Because in the Core, everything will be better. Obiv. And everyone will adore her even more there.

So there we are! I have another one I’d like to do, but things need to stay concise. Besides, you’ll probably hear more about her this November, as she’ll be getting  book of her own then, and closing out my trilogy. Mwahahhahaa.

And now the challenge:

S. M. Metzler of Tea with Tumnus

Gabriella of A Heart Redeemed

Melissa Gravitis of Quill Pen Writer

And You! If you’d like to try this tag out (you totally should, it’s a great exercise and ends up being an interesting read.) just link back to this post, and of course Brianna’s.

Now, if I tagged you and you don’t want to be tagged, it’s fine. I understand there’s a ton of tags going around and it’s hard to keep up with them or choose the ones you like the most. Don’t feel bad ;P

-Jeneca Z.

So what do you think of Lyric, Peyton, and Idella? Let me know if you share a MBTI profile with them, I’d love to pick your brain 😉

**All character images are not mine, and are linked to their sources. If you are the owner of one of them, please let me know and I will remove it. 🙂 **


12 thoughts on “The Six Question Character Challenge

  1. It was really cool reading about your characters. Now I’m very interested in “Sparrow Singing.” If you plan on indie publishing it, I might be one of your first customers. 😀 Thanks for the tag and for the excuse to write a post obsessing over my story people. Although, I may have to cut out the “Darkest Secret” question because yes, that is seen as big spoilers with pretty much all of my characters. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay! So glad you decided to take up the challenge, Jeneca. 🙂

    I especially liked the entries for Lyric and Peyton. Peyton in particular seems like a cool guy, very sweet and dedicated (to his friends, not so much the Core) yet more interested in marching to the beat of his own drum than following society’s expectations. And I feel bad for Lyric because of her childhood. Poor girl. I hope she and Peyton are able to escape the Core!


  3. Thanks for tagging me Jeneca! I’ll definitely try and do it this week (now I just need to choose which characters to ask from my millions of WIPs). XD
    Your characters sound great! I’m an INFJ like Lyric! If I saw a dragon, I would like to think I’d be all brave and think up a winning plan on the spot. Most likely I’d freeze from fear before snapping myself out of it only to run and get someone else to kill it. (Weird fact about me: I never scream. Never. If I’m terrified I just keep death silent and still).
    Great post! I can’t wait to do the tag. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome! And that’s interesting, about never screaming. I’m never presented with many things to scream about but… I guess I do scream (or shout. let’s go with shout) when I drop something glass on our tile floor and it shatters everywhere, or when I slip/drop/fumble with something.
      Oh well. Can’t wait to see your answers. 😀


  4. I can’t believe I’m only just now seeing this! I enjoyed reading all the character profiles. Lyric’s experience as a child sounds awful. :O And of course now I’m curious about Idella’s secret. O.o

    Liked by 1 person

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