Let Your Story Get a Hair Cut

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This post was written a week ago while I was out of town. It’s a little odd, but I hope you enjoy. πŸ™‚

Let your story get a hair cut

I recently got a haircut in San Francisco. In fact, at the time of writing this; I’m under the hair dryer.

It’s much shorter than I expected, however. I got the four inches off (my hair went all the way down my back.) and some layers but all of it is shorter than expected.

However, this is good. Why? I needed to let go. I’ve had ridiculously long hair for years. Since 2011 I’ve been letting my hair grow (now without a few trims, of course) and now? It’s still kinda long. But it’s healthier, cleaner, free from a lot of dead ends, and it just looks nicer overall.Β  I can still put it up into a pony tail, and probably do some braids.

Even if I had to let go of my hair a little, and allow the pieces of hair I’ve brushed and brushed for months and years, get tossed in the trash, my head better for it.

Do you get where I’m heading with this? Our stories won’t come out perfect during that rough first draft. If they are, well, chances are you need to let someone else read it, or you’re lying.

Our stories have to be molded arena shaped and sniped, get scrubbed of the useless prose and heavy description, to have the sentences sharpened until they look their best… even cutting out parts you love and have spend countless hours pruning to perfection.

It may be better off for it.

This also applies to our lives. We have to let God give us a haircut every now and then. Or maybe it’s not just every now and then, and it’s every day. Our hair keeps growing and growing, and so does our sin and bad habits. We have to let Him mold us like his Son, to become more loving and less stingy, Β more humble and less prideful, more trusting and less worryful.

So. Give your story a haircut, and let God give you a haircut, too.

(Hope this wasn’t too odd. I appreciate real life stories…. πŸ˜… I’ll have a bigger post up this Wednesday. Hopefully.)


4 thoughts on “Let Your Story Get a Hair Cut

  1. At first glance this post did seem a little odd, but I like it. I think you have made a few good points. Sometimes we will need to shed somethings from your writing and let God shed other things from your life. I totally agree with you.

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  2. Real nice, Jeneca! I really like your perspective and I agree on all those points. You tied in the haircut story with both writing and our own lives as followers of Christ perfectly! πŸ˜€ Those are good things to remember when we feel like giving up.

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  3. I really like this metaphor! I’ve been trying to grow my hair for a while, and I like the metaphor of letting go. That’s nice πŸ™‚ That’s a good way to think about writing, even though it feels like sacrificing your babies.


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