August Monthly Look Back

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I just tried to type the correct title to this post and began typing June.

Seriously. August is… over? What?

MLB Aug 16

Books That Got Read:

So this month was much lower than expected. At least I tried…

Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 3.03.10 PM


You can find a review for A Time to Speak here, and a review for Luminary here.

And actually, it was a really interesting month for reading.  Not only did I get to read A Time To Speak (wHich mY LiBraRy PurChasED fOr me YAY) I read a book I didn’t like. Which never happens, because I’m so snooty and careful about what I read. I never rate books below two stars, because I never bother reading those books. (granted I did rate Frankenstein and Dr Jekyll low, but those were read for class) And this got one star. (partially because I was angry)

“The Choosing” really just wasn’t my cup of tea. It the beginning, I loved it. It has a cool premise. But then things got  creepy. I despite my maturity, my brain cannot handle anything super creepy. I tend to over think things. I even have a post-it note beside my bed that reads “REMEMBER: You tend to think the unimportant things are more dire than they actually are.”

It’s a bit sad, but I’m glad to know this about myself instead of moping around think about how babyish I’m being. XD It’s just who I am. Perhaps someday I’ll be different.

I can take certain scary or gory things (take Harry Potter, for example. I read those when I was nine, and I turned out fine) but, creepy-twisted bleh just no.

Writing That Got Wrote:

I accomplished a lot of writing! I finished another read through of Sparrow Singing, and then the amazing Katie Grace over at A Writer’s Faith critiqued my first chapter and prologue. *SQuEEE* (Psst! Katie is hosting a giveaway on her blog that ends TOMORROW. GO FORTH AND ENTER.)

And that was incredible. It got ripped to shreds in the BEST possible way. Now I’m filled to the brim with possible directions to re-write my opening, making it ten times stronger than it was, and clarifying on all the nonsensical stuff.

Seriously, if you’re floundering in your editing or you think you’re ready to move onto the next stage (say, beta readers) have someone critique it first. Not only will they help you see any silly writing mistakes you make (like, commas on everything, even when it’s not, really, necessary.) they’ll ask questions on the things you think you understand but your readers may not.

Blog Posts That Got Published:

Christian Dystopian. It's a real genre

Let your story get a hair cut

TEJ Update july 2016

six question character challege

Be Thankful for your Story

Life That Happened:

Oh my gosh so much life happened this month. Crazy, right?

In the beginning of August, things were normal. We watched a lot of Olympics, I wrote, I read stuff… did math, went to sell my wares at our local farmers market. Simple life.

Then we got a chance to fly 2000+ miles to San Francisco for an extended weekend (long story I won’t delve into XD) and that was amazing! I wrote a post about it when I got back because I was tired and wasn’t able to blog properly.

But when we got back, I had a week to “relax” and then prepare, because the following Monday I started college classes. (dual credit. I’m not a college student yet 😉 ) It was also a week of trying to finish up my driving hours to get my license. Night time hours are evil. XD And now that I have all my hours, I must wait over a week to take the test because our BMV is busy till next Thursday. *sigh*

But on Monday I went to my first and only class, Introductory Spanish… even though I’ve taken two years of Spanish, I need a third language credit, and I’m a little rusty. Y tu?

Things To Come:

I decided to add another little section to my wrap up posts. Why not?

This following month I’m hoping to do another read through of Sparrow Singing, and hopefully let my novel guest post on my blog, as I have seen done many a time.

Perhaps we’ll discuss beta reading some more, too.

Perhaps I’ll post lots of pictures when I get a certain book in the mail? (I ordered a copy of Sparrow Singing’s squeal, Truth Remaining, from Lulu, because I need to edit that a little before NaNo, since I’ll be writing the third novel in the series.)

I start up the rest of my school work this month, so I could drop off the face of the earth as I drown in homework. WHO KNOWS?


Como estas tu mes? How was your month? Did you read any good (or bad) books?









3 thoughts on “August Monthly Look Back

  1. Eeek! You make me so happy, girl. Glad I could be helpful and tear alll the things to pieces. Mwahaha. (but, really, it was lovely and I enjoyed it greatly. ❤ xD)

    Ooh, I must go read those posts that I haven't read yet. They look very awesome. Your posts are always amazing!

    // katie grace
    a writer’s faith

    Liked by 1 person

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