A Guest Post From My Novel, Sparrow Singing

Sparrow Singing, Writing

Hello everyone! I mentioned the other day or so that I–

Mentioned? More like subtly hinted and hoped that someone, anyone, would notice.

Sorry. That’s my novel. Which is weird because I never think of my novel being a thing with a personality, or my characters being my children, or my best friends or anything like that.

This is, perhaps, why my novel is a nervous wreck about doing this blog post. But considering I’ve seen lots of other novels guest posting on their prospective author’s blog, I thought why not give mine a chance! πŸ˜‰

A Guest Post From My Novel ss

So, without further adieu, my nervous wreck case of a confused novel:

Oh. Oh. You want me to start talking now?

Yes. Go ahead and explain what you’re about, the setting, characters, conflict, etc. You know the drill.

I’m about hiding in this computer and never coming out or ever being read by anyone. That’s what I’m about. D:

Okay, then tell everyone what I wrote inside of you.

Pretty much the same thing. Having a story inside of you that you probably most likely should share, and would benefit others… but not wanting to share it or reap the outcome of sharing it.. Until, of course, the last possible moment. Which is why I intend to drag this out until there are too many words in this post, like your story, that no one will want too–

Fine. I’ll be direct. Just tell us about the setting of the story.

It takes place in future California. The national debt has been recalled, and the state is a lot different. But you probably don’t want me going into a full description of the world–

No, I’ll let your sibling expand on that in another post, and your next sibling will round things out this November. Just tell us about the setting of your story.

Right. I still don’t see why you’re bothering with writing a third novel or messing with that second one. You should just stay and work on me, perhaps not do that thing at the en–


SparSing Setting

Okay. It takes place inΒ  a school training up another generation of musicians for entertainment in the Core, the place where anybody worth speaking to lives. It’s the only place to live, as far as Lyric knows. Outside the Institute’s walls is the Fence, and beyond that is the ominous Public, a place where no one in their right minds would want to go… or at least, that’s all Lyric’s been told.

But back to their school. It’s basically a boarding school except it’s the student’s entire word. They even have a Plaza complete with shops and cafes.

Good. How about a bit about the characters?


Lyric is the main character. (We’re actually a lot a like. Although, I’m beginning to enjoy this freedom of using way to many words and just type and type and type.Β  She, on the other hand would probably enjoy being a novel… only getting poked at a prodded for an hour or two a day instead of dusk till dawn. If I’m that fortunate, I get to stew and brew alone by myself for hours and hours, developing all kinds of unnecessary subplots…)

Please, this isn’t NaNoWriMo. We already went through that. I’m streamlining you and giving you more focus right now, remember?

How could I forget? *winces as all my tiny cuts and bruises*

So anyway: Lyric. She’s a wispy little thing with blue eyes and blonde hair. It’s bleached, actually. She’s an INFJ, and very insecure about herself, having barely made it into Phase One of the Institute. Before the Institute, in a sort determining ‘pre-school,’ called the Nurtury, she was beaten and set up as the ‘example child,’ on accident.Β  She’s never quite forgotten that traumatic experience.

I understand her pain. When my whole first chapter was chopped up, discarded, then resurrected as a kind of prologue? *shudders* I don’t think I could forget that either. My author claims I’m better off.

Her best friend is a dude named Peyton. He gave her the nickname of Sparrow when they were kids, and told Lyric to call him Shrew. It’s a long story. He’s introverted, like Sparrow, but has a more general cool feeling, not uptight and worried. He’s probably an ambivert. They balance each other out.

How about a bit on the other characters?

Ember, Lyric’s roomie, is a purple haired punk and drinks *way* too much.

Idella is such a… Ugh. Do I have to talk about Idella?

She’s not that bad.

Not until Chapter–


Basically every hates Idella and loves Idella simultaneously. A pretty face covers lots of wrongs, I suppose. Idella chose Lyric as one of her BFF’s pretty early on. That basically means she gets to control her and put her down at every turn. She’s a jerk, really, I honestly don’t understand why you keep her around–

Thank you, novel for such a riveting description of Idella. Now, what’s the story? The conflict?


So Lyric and Peyton, or should IΒ  say Shrew and Sparrow, I mean, they’re so cute together, that should honestly be their names– sorry. Peyton brings Lyric outside the school walls to show her something he discovered. It’s an old fallen down building, and inside are the strangest stories they’ve ever read. The stories claim to be the truth, and threaten to Lyric’s entire understanding of her world.

But ever since she was beaten all those years ago… deep down inside she’s known something was wrong with her world. Perhaps this is the truth she is looking for, because somethings just aren’t as they seem.Β 

There, was that alright?

And that was my novel, Sparrow Singing. Now you may be wondering, why the heck did I tell you all this?

Sparrow Singing

I’ll just say it: I’m in the market for some brave beta readers, or even a critique-er, who would be willing to read my novel and give me their thoughts and constructive criticism.

If you’re interested or have further questions on things, just drop me a comment below or send me a contact form. I’m just putting out feelers now, and hopefully will have a google sign up form out mid-September, and hopefully send it out during the last week of September or the first of October.

So keep your eyes peeled!

(never beta read anything before but would love to try? Katie Grace wrote a fabulous post on what it’s like to beta read here. I highly recommend it. πŸ™‚

So what are your thoughts? Have you ever had your novel guest post on your blog? Did it go over well?


on a side note, I believe this is my longest post ever. free internet cookies to those of you who read all the way through it. πŸ˜‰


(PST. all the character images and inspiration were found on pinterest. I claim none of them to be my own! In fact, if you own one of the images and would like me to take it down, please let me know. πŸ™‚Β  )


15 thoughts on “A Guest Post From My Novel, Sparrow Singing

  1. Ooooh good idea writing a post from your novel’s perspective! I loved reading about the setting and characters. I’ve taken a liking to Ember (except for her drink habits; I guess I just really like her hair :P). Thanks for the internet cookies!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is so great. XD It’s such a cool idea. I’m really intrigued by your concept, and would love to beta-read, or critique. (But as my life is crazy a critique would take a lot more time, so maybe you’d like to exchange with me? It’s completely up to you) Either way, I’d absolutely love to read Sparrow Singing! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will definitely consider! My life is also pretty busy right now, just because I have more classes and school about to begin… but who knows, things could even out!!
      Which of your WIP’s would you be interested in swapping?


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