Purposeful Pages Link Up: September Edition

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It’s that time of the month again… Purposeful Pages edition!


If you’re new to this link up, here’s a short description from it’s founders, Amanda from Scattered Journal Pages, and Hannah from Furious Ever Afters. An official description:

Purposeful Pages is a monthly link-up designed to unite bloggers on answering questions about life, blogging, the Bible, writing, and books.

Purposeful Pages is live on the first Saturday of every month for you to jump in whenever you want, until the next set of questions is up. Anyone can join at any time.

You’re welcome to jump into whatever questions are live for whatever month your reading this! You can find them on either Hannah or Amanda’s blog. 🙂

Let’s get on with ze questions. 🙂


no. 1 How have you been growing spiritually this month? What has God been teaching you?
I’ve been reading through Mark with the She Reads Truth blog, among other odds and ends…But God has been teaching me a little each day about how I’m treating others, my siblings specifically, and opening my eyes to how I’m acting.
no. 2 When you’re under stress, what actions do you take that help calm you and keep you sane?
If I’m super stressed  I detach and wash myself with something entertaining, be it youtube videos, episodes of My Little Pony. It’s not the best habit, but it can be helpful at times to disconnect from it entirely.
Sometimes I remember that doesn’t REALLY help and I think: “Oh yeah, ‘Cast all your cares on Him, because he cares for you.'” and give it to God. Things are better then. ;P
no. 3 Who are some people that inspire you, and in what ways do they do that?
Everyone inspires me. Honestly, it sounds stupid, but I get ‘inspired,’ but everything. Posts on Instagram, the girl walking down the sidewalk, Pinterest, reading books, reading blogs. Inspiration is EVERYWHERE, if you just open your eyes to it.
no. 4 Have you learned any tricks this past month that have helped you in your blogging journey?
Weeell… I think I’ve learned that one cannot just write blog posts, tell people I’ve written blog posts, and then hole-up in my little bloggie cave expecting everyone to comment and read. No. I must go out to other people’s blogs, and read what they’re posting, too. XD
no. 5 What is it about a book that makes you keep on reading? If you’re a writer, how can you  incorporate that into your own books?
A compelling story. Enough beating down on the poor character that you just have to know what’s going to happen to them… Especially if they’re in a relationship, whether that’s a friendship or a relationship-relationship. That makes me keep going.
I suppose this means I can push my introverted characters to go be friends more. That makes conflict, and compelling story AND relationships. Mwahahaha.
no. 6 What’s a book cover (or album, movie, etc.) that describes your life right now, and why?
A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes, Because I’m standing on the icy precipace of the next few months, about to plummet into the busyness of classes, more classes, possibly job stuff, blog, writing, etc… it’s a good and bad thing. XD
A Time to Speak (Out of Time, #2)
no. 7 Do you have a song in mind that you’d consider your current theme song? (Or a book, movie, TV show, etc.)
Hmm… no, not necessarily. I get caught up listening to soundtracks  while writing, or EDM without words like Lindsey Stirling, I forget to listen to music with words. XD
But I am really loving Through Your Eyes by Britt Nicole. Her next album is out on the 7th of October. O_O
no. 8 If you’re a writer, how do you see yourself incorporated (most of the time unknowingly) inside your stories?
I see myself incorporating my personality the most. It’s not an exact duplicate, but my MC in Sparrow Singing has the more nervous, ‘don’t rock the boat side’ of my personality taken to an extreme.
Thea, however, my MC in Truth Remaining, is the other extreme of mine. Bossy, follow the rules to a T and everyone must also follow the rules. Or else. XD
no. 9 How have you seen aspects of God’s character through other people recently?
I’m reading, “If I Perish,” by Esther Ahn Sook, and while reading the descriptions of her mother, I’ve seen some of God’s character. Ahn mentioned how she teased her mother that her name was in the Bible in the verse: “Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.”
no. 10 How long, on average, does it take you to put together a blog post? Are you the morning person working at 5 am, the afternoon blogger, or the night owl up until midnight trying to throw things together?
Well, this one has taken me around 45 minutes, but to write up a whole post, edit it, make graphics for it, edit it some more, and then post it will take anywhere from an hour to three hours.
I am very much the afternoon blogger. From around 3 to as late as 7 is when I tend to blog.
We’ll see how that goes when NaNoWriMo comes around. xD

5 thoughts on “Purposeful Pages Link Up: September Edition

  1. I’m so glad you participated in Purposeful Pages as well (it’s all thanks to you that I joined, so thank you for that!). 😀 Youtube is amazing for helping me relax, especially gaming videos. I’m so busy with life and writing that I can’t play games myself, but watching other people play somehow relaxes me? I’m a strange bunny. XD

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