Dear Self… and you.

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Listen up. Are you listening? Raise your hand if you can hear me.

You are never gong to get this done. The days are passing and the hours and minutes that you could have been writing are passing with it. All those opportunities you were given? I saw you on Twitter, on Pinterest. I saw you getting distracted on Instagram doing your school work instead of finishing up so you could go and write.

You could have been writing.

You could have been done by now, or at least closer to where you want to be. Where you need to be.

You are never going to finish the story or get it to beta readers orย  edit the next book or plan out the third book. You aren’t going to finish that synopsis* in time for that contest, in time for that amazing opportunity to take your work somewhere.

You’re never going to get published–

not if you don’t try.ย 

Not if you don’t at least to try see your distractable habits and correct them. Not if you don’t give a little time to the thing you’re claiming to desire and claiming to strive towards.

There’s lines to be edited, prose to be tweaked, sentences to be re-worked. there’s holes that need filled, characters that need helped, and outlines to be planned. None of that is going to happen and you will never ever see your books on the shelf, or get the joy that God is using your story for something bigger than yourself… not if you don’t try.

More than just try, give. Give for the goal and for the finish line.

To bring Him glory.

Him glory.

So, are you listening? The finish line isn’t far, if you are willing to run and do the work it takes to move your fingers. You know it’s worth it. You know you want it. So go get it. Buck up and get going. Are you going to do this?

Or are you going to let it go?


(I wrote this the other day because I’ve been lazy about writing. I avoid it, yet, I have a deadline. ((its self implied that’s why I’m avoiding it. XD)) All those times I could write, I’m wasting that time doing other stuff. So I wrote myself a motivational letter. Hopefully it motivates you, too.)

*AND ACTUALLY I finished writing that synopsis for said contest yesterday! It’s not perfect, but it’s as good as it’s going to get for now. ๐Ÿ™‚ย 

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