Are You a Horrible Failure?

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If you don’t end up reading the entire post, let me answer this question in a short form for you: No. You are not a horrible failure. *end of discussion*

Now, if you’re planning on sticking around, let me explain to you why we are not horrible failures.


There are so many times where we get down and feel bad. It happens for a variety of reasons and there are a variety of different bad feelings that come with it.

We all become discouraged about work, hobbies or even life in general. Either something’s just gone wrong, or the past few months of writing turn out to be all-for-naught… It’s depressing. One can become real down when stuff gets messed up. Because we’re tying our worth onto what we do, what we have, what we work on. Which brings me to point 1:

  • You worth is not found in what you do, your possessions or your abilities.

If we are basing what we are worth on what we can do, what happens if you break your wrists and can’t type? Or if your computer dies and you don’t have money for a new one? Or if all of your books burn up? I’ll just state the obvious: You’re going to feel pretty crappy.  All these things that we own or do are of this earth. Eventually, it won’t exist anyway. We, however, we will. We’re eternal beings.

“Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.”

-Colossians 3:2 (read the rest here)

I’m definitely not saying that our hobbies, works and possessions are a bad thing. On the contrary, they’re gifts from God and can be very great if used properly. But placing all that we are in them is a bad thing. Like wise:

  • Your worth doesn’t depend on what people think about you.

Ever read that verse in the Bible that (I’m paraphrasing) you shouldn’t make it your goal to always please people? If you’ve ever tried you’ll know that some days are a success and others are fails. It can leave you feeling really crappy. But you can’t base your worth in other people because we are just people. They’re bound to be moody or angry for no reason, and that makes you feel terrible. We’ve all been created by someone bigger, and not one of us is greater than anyone else.

So where is our worth found?

  • You worth is found in Jesus.

God thought you were worth enough that he gave up his only Son to die for you… even knowing that we are major failures to to His standards. We’ve sin, continually mess up and we can’t be made better on our own.

But He thinks you’re worth it. It talks about in Ephesians that we are his workmanship, his masterpiece. He created the whole universe and then made us, the piece de resistance.


noun mas·ter·piece \ˈmas-tər-ˌpēs\
an artist’s or craftsman’s best piece of work.

So, it’s a decision you have to make. And some days you have to remind yourself that “Hey, I made this decision and I’m sticking to it!”  It can be a real struggle. You have to choose not to depend and put your worth on  earthly things and trust in Jesus. Because he isn’t going anywhere.

So as we enter this season of frantic NaNoWriMo writing, remember this: Even if you don’t win, you’re not a horrible failure. Okay?


These are just some thoughts that I had last night when I was getting down on myself. Hope it can help you today. 🙂



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