NaNo Update: Week #3 + 50K!!1!

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I had something incredibly profound to say for this post update thing. But of course it has fled my brain and all notion of it is just *POOF*

Hahahahhaha I feel bad for the people who’ve only just found my blog in November. Don’t worry, new people. I’m usually a tinge more eloquent and much less random when it’s not November.

right now my fingers don’t want to type words that are spelled correctly, or sentences that aren’t run on. I mean, whats the fun in typing if you can actually READ what you just TYPED.



So, this week I reached 50k. Actually, I reached 50k after word waring with some awesome people early Saturday morning. (we had to go to pre-thanksgiving thanksgiving celebration, so I wanted an early start) If you want to look at my current stats…


Oh, and I just realized my lifetime NaNo count is ridiculous:

I mean… O_O


I haven’t done much today. I might not, but who knows *shrugs indesivly while staring at the two assignments that are due tomorrow*

we’ll see.

I probably still have another 20k or so left to write. That is a mixture of feeling like:

Electric Cyclery tyrannosaurus bike

and a sprinkle of:

crying ice cream my little pony mlp rarity

with a dash of:

latino latina latinawomen gymnast laurie hernandez

So, fellow wrimos, How is your story going? Have you much left to write now that we’re entering the next to final stretch?

If you’re not doing NaNo but just observing the madness from afar, how are your writing projects going?




11 thoughts on “NaNo Update: Week #3 + 50K!!1!

  1. WOAH WOAH WOAH Congratulations!!! Good job! I’ve had a lot on this month BUT I do have to do things for my creative writing class. We’re working on activist writing wherein we choose an issue and write something creative to change people’s mindsets about it. Mine is about religious tolerance but it’s a very bad first draft currently. It’s about a nun who works at an orphanage that is burned down. She escapes, but the uber-religious Hindu idiots who did it manage to kill a hindu worker at the orphanage in the process. (It’s actually mainly based on a true story in a state of India in 2008, but there was almost nothing about it except about 1 sentence so I made most details up). ANNNYWWAY that’s me and let’s talk about how Jeniqua is a lean, mean, writing machine shall we? Go you!


    1. Wow, that’s actually really cool. (and a really cool assignment) I’ll be interested to see how your paper/story turns out!
      Haha, I think “lean, mean, typo writing machine,” may be more accurate XD But thank you!


    1. Um Yes, totally. There needs to be a National Sleeping Week for Writers after NaNo where there is no school, no work, nothing, just time to catch up on your sleep and sanity. (NaSleWe4Wri?)
      And thank you so much. πŸ™‚


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