The Grand 2016 Look-Back

Monthly Look Back, Thoughts

How do you start a post looking back on an entire year? Three hundred and sixty five days later, and we’re starting over. (This is also sort of awkward because this time last year, I wasn’t blogging here. I was sitting at my laptop trying to figure out “wat r wurds”


Whenever I look at year dates, I think about what this year looked like a hundred years back. Like 1916… (the world was in the midst of The Great War we hadn’t entered it yet, so I believe)  or 1816… (France decreed the Bonaparte family was excluded from France forever, FYI)

*shrugs* It just feels cool.




Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 9.46.25 AM.png

This year was kinda sorta momentous for books and I.

The past few years I’ve been a bookworm, yes, but a casual bookworm. I haven’t read this much since 2013, when I read fifty something books. But most of those were really easy easy short books anyway, like American Girl books, Warrior cats, Dear America… It was just “book candy.”

I hadn’t discovered how many seriously cool YA books there were out there, or things like Christian Fiction. In 2014 I read 19 measly books. 2015 was 26 books.

This year? 35 books. 10,985 pages.

Also, this. It looks cool.



If I had to pick favorites, however… Out of Time series, Lord of the Rings, and Blood of Kings would be at the top. Even though those are all trilogies. XD



Wow. This year has been my absolute biggest year for writing ever. It all started with NaNo 2015, and getting the feeling that if I was going to mess with writing a sequel, I should really really honestly rewrite the first book.

So I read a craft book, some blog posts, more blog posts… and dove into editing in January… and February… March, April, the whole year, really. It was tough, hard, difficult, frustrating and a bunch of other adjectives… but so rewarding.

No, it’s not quite done yet, but hey. It’s getting there. I mean, comparing myself now to where I was a year ago? Sparrow Singing was still a scary rough draft fresh out of NaNo 2014! And now I’ve had several fabulous beta readers tear it apart and I’m going to edit it again!




Words Written:

I thought this would be fun… If I add up the draft I wrote Sparrow Singing this year, my NaNo project this year and the other rewriting editing that I’m doing…

I’ve written about 190k this year. O_O that’s more than last year’s 77k, and then 69k in 2014.

Words fly.



So many things happened this year I can’t even list them. So many big things and countless other small things.

-got my license and can now drive myself places??

-took my first college class this semester but I’m still in high school.

-was introduced to other Christian Dystopian books besides my own

-flew to California (my heart basically) and back. (my trilogy takes place there as well)


-tried so many new art mediums like watercolor and ink

-ran a booth at the farmers market selling art and plants.

-got to go back to my favorite summer camp

-got a Great Pyrenees puppy! Her name is Zelda. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 10.13.02 AM.png

-finally got a type writer! (pictured in the header image)

-did I mention I got to fly back to California? *sigh*

-took more family photos in my photography business (if you could call it that :P)

-our chickens finally began laying! (this shot was from earlier in the year. they’re much bigger now. XD)


-wrote pretty consistently (and seriously, for the first time) all year

-learned more about God and His love for me more and more each day, along with learning to trust him and let go every day.

-also read LOTR for the first time 😍


-And also, enveloped myself into this lovely community of writers, both here and on twitter (also got twitter for the first time) Everyone is so very encouraging and welcoming!


I only started blogging here in May, but already I’m so thankful for the seriousness it’s given to my writing, as well as doors it has opened. (Friends! Betas! Tips! Ideas!)

And if you’re here reading this, thank you. You were apart of my year.

2017 is now around the corner… Sure, we may not have every day or every year promised to us, but no matter what punches lie in our future, we have a God that holds us, who has become our Salvation.

I’ll talk to you all next year!

*gasp* I won’t talk to you all till NEXT YEAR!
(sorry I like next year jokes. it’s a weakness of mine)




10 thoughts on “The Grand 2016 Look-Back

  1. WOW
    Okay that typewriter is AWESOME
    I love typewriters
    CALIFORNIA GAH. that’s awesome. I may or may not want to go there for film stuff hehe.
    YAY FOR 2016
    Also I love making those end of the year jokes.
    I’m like ‘yo I won’t talk to you till next year’
    Hehe it’s only a bit away.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It sounds like you had an awesome year for the most part! I know it’s not 2017 for you yet (I swear, time zones continuously mess with my head) but I hope you have an even more amazing year! I’m so glad we met, and I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog and your lovely writing. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My parents make the WORST ‘next year’ jokes (‘we won’t feed you until next year’, ‘you won’t shower until next year’, etc) it kinda cracks me up. 190k words is AMAZING. Honestly I have so much admiration for your writing motivation. ZELDA IS SO CUTE! My dog has been grown up for as long as I’ve had him but luckily he’s still super cute 🙂 Typewriters are soooooo cool. And congrats on getting your drivers licence! I technically have one, but my family doesn’t have a car and we don’t live on a road so I actually don’t know how to drive (although I can kind of drive a scooter). California sounds super cool!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Ahhh I love your parents next year jokes XD
      Oh yes, Cali is lovely. Warm, more exotic plants and tropical/desert like landscapes… and I can’t forget the ocean. *sigh*


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