Writing Goals for 2017

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These aren’t resolutions. Nope. They’re goals. I mean, yes, I am quite resolved to do them, but they’re goals. Mkay?


I realized after my last post that wrapped up the end of the year, I didn’t really include my goals. And believe me, I have them. Then I noticed *gasp* lots of people are doing goal posts.

So I’m adding mine to the pile not because I’m jumping on the band wagon. I’d like to have something to refer back to this throughout the year and hopefully keep myself accountable because of it. Perhaps I’ll doquarterly check-ins, or monthly deadlines. Sounds good?

Writerly Achievements from Last Year:

But before we break into this new, fresh year, let’s talk last year. 2016.

Last January, I wasn’t blogging. I was most definitely thinking about it, but I wanted to get more editing done on Sparrow Singing –then I called it The Sparrow Who Couldn’t Sing–before I started to blog.

My goals last year were sort of hazy writing wise. In the beginning all I knew was I wanted to edit SS. She was a mess. Then I wanted to edit her sister, Truth Remaining, also a mess. Mid-way through the year, I wanted to write the third sister, Ember Burning, and also be querying agents for SS by January 2017.

Dream big, I suppose. I did edit SS quite a lot, edit Truth Remaining a *bit* and write Ember Burning. But not querying.

Image result for full house little girl gif confused


Writerly To-Do List for 2017

Now a year has passed since I startedย  editing SS seriously. Here we are… I’m not querying agents yet. I’m pretty sure any agent that saw my query or manuscript wouldn’t read much… not yet. WE’RE WORKING ON THAT.

So, onto my to-do list for 2017!


  1. Finish editing Sparrow Singing!

This isn’t quite as high-in-the-sky now. I’m about 13% of the way through all my beta reader comments. I’d like to set everything in stone this round through. Then I’ll only have grammar and prose to work with, hopefully. We’ll see.

This is the year I finish Sparrow Singing.

2. Get Sparrow to another round of betas.

If you happened to miss out on my last round of beta reading, don’t worry! I’m putting a tentative date on my next beta reading for SS to be mid-March, early-April. I’ll have more info on that when the time comes. Right now I have to edit SS. XD

3. Give Truth Remaining a single read-through edit.

Please, it’s so sad. Seriously so sad. I wrote this book in 2015 and still have not re-written the whole thing yet. I tried to in December but got off course and stopped because I needed to get back to SS.

I hope that, while the second round of betas are going through, I can be working on Truth Remaining.

4. Prepare all the necessaries for querying agents.

That’s right. Instead of just saying “Ah yes, I’m going to be querying agents by January 2017,” I’m going to prepare for querying agents. How can you do that if you don’t have the means to do it?

It’ll take a lot of research, I know, but it needs to be done. Writing a query letter, perfecting my synopsis, back blurb, pitch, all of that jazz.

5. Query one agent.

My secret goal to my future self. You go this, future self. โค

At the same time that I’m making all these goals, I have somethings I’d like to keep in mind:



No matter what happens this year, I’m doing this to serve the Lord. He gives us hope, the only real, true, un-ending hope that we’re going to find. I’m serving Him through this story. His will be done.

And also…



What are some of your 2017 writing goals? Anything big planned?

5 thoughts on “Writing Goals for 2017

  1. Hitting our writing goals often takes longer than we think it will, doesn’t it? But everyone’s journey is different and takes the amount of time it’s supposed, whether we realize it or not. And IMO, you did very well with editing two manuscripts (even if one isn’t finished there yet) and writing another one. Be proud of your accomplishments! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m also going to prepare for querying this year, too. I’ve been building a spreadsheet of potential agents (which I need to update at some point), and sometime this year I’d like to submit a draft query to Query Shark for professional critique. Plus, I might be asking for input on TKC’s blurb next week at the blog. So if you’re interested… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Good luck with your 2017 goals!

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  2. Ah yes, the yearly goals. I hope to do much more than what I posted, but I don’t want to try too much. I really hope to be able to edit and rewrite my 2nd draft from my NaNo manuscript. I’m itching to finish the story.
    I’m excited to find out more of your stories! Will this be the sequel to the book i just betaed?


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