February Monthly Look Back

Monthly Look Back

Twenty eight days later and I’m still alive and, so it appears, are you. February, on the other hand…?


Today is Friday (or Tuesday, if you want the time I’m specifically writing this) and I am breaking out from my blogging schedule. I mean, I wrote a weird post on Sunday and now I’m back to blogging on a Friday?

No worries, it isn’t permanent.

But instead of bogging you down with a long formulated boring look back wrap up post, I’m going to write this as I did my NaNo weekly wrap ups: with gifs and stats and shortness.

Highlights of the Month:

in bullet points because nobody has time to read every word anyway:

  • Apparently memorizing monologues and lines aren’t as difficult as I first thought?
  • Our selling chicken egg’s business has picked up considerably…
  • honestly the highest point of my month is math is gone.
  • I opened a redbubble shop so now you can buy my art as stickers! or t-shirts! or pillows? maybe a mug?
  • this isn’t necessarily a “high” light, but a close family member died on valentines day, so the follow week and a half was consumed by that. It’s been good, but time-life-thought consuming.
  • I finished the Lunar Chronicles!
  • Also framed a piece of art I did??
  • We watched the Lego Batman movie and yes, it was entertaining. XD


Books read:

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 11.06.17 AM.png

Weel, reading went pretty slowly. I guess I can thank my worldview class for adding a book, since I listened to it and that only took five hours. But other than that, I blame my busy schedule and Winter.




I printed out my story this month and as I’ve said a gazillion times it’s HUGE. Honestly. Take this bit of advice from me and print your story double sided unless you want to lug around a three inch think binder wherever you go.

I’ve been talking for weeks about opening another beta read for Sparrow Singing… don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten! I’ve only been bogged down with other things. Hopefully Before March is over I’ll have blogged about it and have the whole thing ready to go again.


I was a sad blogger this month… I apologize, but at the same time…

Justin Garbett, Reactions Editor monkey emotions disappointed actions

anyway, I did blog about:

Drawing to create and come up with characters

What I was up to on Sunday


In March:

Oh boy. March. Well, I’ll have a little more free time for writing and reading and blogging since math is over for the semester. ( oh, the joys of homeschooling.) But I’ll also be working on this play I’m in.

Once I finish up the artwork for the t-shirt… (that is the reason why we’re here blogging on a Friday instead of Sunday. No time. XD) We can get back into a blogging move over here.


How was your month? Get any writing projects over with? Is school swallowing you whole?




13 thoughts on “February Monthly Look Back

    1. Oh my goodness yes! I enjoyed both throughly … and I also throughly did NOT enjoy Fairest. I appreciated the backstory, but… I skimmed most of it towards the end. Poor Winters father 😅😔


  1. Congrats on finishing math early! I wish the same was happening to me, but alas, no home-schooling for me. XD My month has been busy with schoolwork, but I’ve managed to sneak in some writing as well. Hope your acting goes great, and have a great month! 😀


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