Beta-Reader Call Out For Sparrow Singing

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This post is something a leete different that usual… because It’s that time of year again. Not that this sort of thing comes at an annual time each year… I mean, this time last year I was doing school, editing my WIP and dreaming about what it would be like to run a blog.

It’s time to ask for beta readers again for my story, Sparrow Singing.

beta call out 2

No doubt you’ve heard me rambling about my trilogy before now. Well, Sparrow Singing is the first of three books in a YA Christian Dystopian Trilogy.

If you’re interested, click here for the Beta Reading sign up page. On that page I have written what you’ll be doing, and stats for how big SS is as well as the Google Form.

I’ve also written some posts on the characters, plot, etc, if you want to know even more about SS before you dive in:

Christian Dystopian. It's a real genre

A Guest Post From My Novel ss

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6 thoughts on “Beta-Reader Call Out For Sparrow Singing

  1. wait, is this your first book again? if so, would you like different readers then last time to get a new perspective or would you like some people from last time too?

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    1. Yep! Same book. I’m looking for more readers, but if you’d like to read it again you’re welcome. 🙂 I’ve adjusted lots of small things over the book and more cohesive themes and backstory and character stuff. But definitely don’t feel like you have to sign up. I know reading the same thing twice can be annoying XD


    1. Oh my goodness, you’re too kind XD
      If you just wanted to glance over it and not feel like you must read the whole thing again, I could send you the manuscript. You helped so much it’s the least I can do. XD

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