March Monthly Look-Back

Monthly Look Back

March monthly.  What a lovely little alliteration

Mar 2017

Also, as I’m sure you’ve read else where, now that we’re through with March, we’re 1/4 of the way through 2017. If that doesn’t blow your mind *just * a little… 

Anyway, I’ll get on with the post.


Well then. March. What even happened in March? It just seemed to fly by.

  • Spring break was short-lived and very un-productive
  • Finally finished writing my little debate speech about Capitalism and Socialism and then had my very first debate (it was scary.)
  • I finished the hard copy read through of Sparrow Singing
  • I opened up Sparrow Singing to beta readers
  • I finished typing up the hard copy edits of Sparrow Singing.
  • I won an award (granted it was an honorable mention) at an art show for a drawing I did! (that was fun)
  • Memorized and memorized and memorized and memorized lines.



I’ve basically given up on reading this semester. I would love to spend time reading all these YA books I’ve picked up either by Amazon or the library, but I have no time. I have to focus on reading my script.

I read two books this month.

Screen Shot 2017-04-02 at 4.03.07 PM

But if you want to get technical, I read four. I added my Alice in Wonderland script to my goodreads count as having “re-read” it three times. Even though it’s probably closer to 8+ XD

But just to keep things in perspective.




As mentioned above, I’ve done a loooot with Sparrow Singing this month. So much so, you’re probably quite tired of hearing about it. I’ll leave this section short. If you’d like more, feel free to check out the beta reading page. 



Even though my time was short, I enjoyed the few posts I posted this month!

I wrapped up Feburary

Had a short little “beautiful people” style interview with Lyric. 

Talked about what word-slabs made me cry 

And had my 2nd Beta call out. 

Not too shabby if you ask me. 😉



Besides hopefully doing Camp NaNo in April, I’m not giving myself any. other. goals. Seriously. With how hectic this play is beginning to get with practices and memorizing lines n acting n stuff, I shouldn’t probably be doing Camp. But I would find to waste on Instagram if I didn’t. So I need *some* constructive hobby.

And something to keep my mind off Sparrow Singing till my betas get back with me at the end of June…

How did your month of March go? Are you doing Camp NaNo this month?




4 thoughts on “March Monthly Look-Back

  1. AHHH THE YEAR IS ONE QUARTER DONE HELLLPPP HELLPEPPP> This month I have exams, and last month I mainly went to school and stuff. I also read a few books (less than usual but that’s school for ya), and watched Beauty and the Beast, and also I stopped eating sugar for Lent which was hard. (I cheated a few times I’ll be honest…) Anyway, memorising lines is really hard so good job!!! And it totally makes sense that you had no time for reading 🙂

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