Camp NaNo Update: Week #1

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I’m back with my semi-non-sensical NaNo updates. This is either good or bad, depending on whether or not you liked my ‘crazy’ updates from last November.

The were basically one part weekly wrap up+one part stats+one part gifs.

That is what I expect these Camp NaNo updates to be like. *cue banjolele music because banjo+ukulele is cooler than a plain banjo*

Camp NaNo update 1


Well, I finished editing Sparrow Singing just in the nick of time to start editing its sister, Truth Remaining. You haven’t heard much of her… honestly, she’s been the neglected ugly WIP in my life since I finished her in 2015.

That was the year I realized I needed to take this trilogy somewhere… hence starting this blog, etc. 

// Truth Remaining, TR for short, may be the sequel to Sparrow, but it takes place a) three years later b) in another part of my story world c) with a “different” protagonist.

Are you pulling out your hair? Don’t be. It shares a few on the same characters… then they all get together in the third book *happy slightly tormented sigh*

Here’s the whole synopsis/cover of TR, if you don’t want to go over to my writing page.

Thea is comfortable where she’s at. Mostly.Truth Remaining

She successfully made it through childhood. Sure, she wasn’t chosen for the institute, but she was for the cleaners. She proved herself trustworthy and ended up on top of the ladder. Finally passing age eleven, she’s promoted to a respectable, government job. Prison cleaning.
Until three years later, there’s a new prisoner. A test one, she’s told. And Thea has been promoted to rehabilitation of this test prisoner back into the regular workforce. But it isn’t assisting him to work in the nearby factories, or any other normal job in the Main Sector. No, it means returning to fields shrouded in a culture she left years ago.

That means facing the truth she let hurt her so deeply, a truth she abandoned as a lie years ago.

Fun stuff right? Thea is ridiculously fun to write. I’ll have to do a beautiful people interview with her next week. She’s so… bossy and in charge even though she’s fourteen. Poor thing. Who’s idea was it to give her a prisoner to rehab?!



Well, TR clocks in *around* 73k. Not too much, but most of that is NaNoWriMo babbling, back story and other junk. I’m re-writing it this month and I have a goal of 35k.

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 9.15.34 AM

So far, (I haven’t written today) a grand total of 14,569 words re-written. *happy dance*


Are you doing Camp NaNo this April? What’s your project about and how is it coming?

2 thoughts on “Camp NaNo Update: Week #1

  1. I really hope I don’t sound pompous…but I completed 21,000 words in my first week of Camp NaNo. My goal for the month was 25K, so I can see my end result making my original goal look rather silly. 😛

    (Honestly I’m not even sure how this happened!)

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