May 2017 Monthly Lookback

Monthly Look Back

This month has been one of “too many things to do, so many things to do.” But now that school is over and I have time to focus. All I had to do was get past my main barrier:

Myself. (with a sprinkling of youtube…)

May 2017 MLB.png


  • The Alice in Wonderland play I was in went so. stinking. well.

the opening monologue which was basically ten pages of ranting about stuff and crying and then eating little cakes that said eat me, drinking from little bottles that said drink me. XD

It being my first play and I, and me being Alice, I was a leetle concerned. But it went so well. There weren’t any major mess ups and the crowd was great! I was really thankful to have two Alice’s, too:

end curtsy

(I  am the Alice to the left)

We both memorized the entire play. That meant that during opening night she did Act 1 and I did Act 2, then the second night we switched and I did the opening. It lowered the stress levels and allowed me to obsess over my lines right before I went on stage.


(alice spent a lot of the play getting scolded.)

  • This summer I’ll be working at a city market selling post cards and greeting cards and stuff. Yesterday was my first one and it actually went really well! It was a lot of fun to talk to people and make money of something I love. XD


  • I got my hair cut, which is most definitely a I highlight because I couldn’t cut my hair for three months because of Alice. It was getting long and my bangs were a mess. But we’re all good now.


  • Chicks! Our broody hen sat on eight eggs and hatched seven!
  • This isn’t really a highlight, it’s actually more of a lowlight… but I wanted to include it for records sake. Our local coffee house is closing. It’s terribly sad because it’s a very popular shop. But they’re having building issues with the owner and blergh. So sad. 😥 There’s anyone one in town, but it’s further away. And of course Starbucks, but that’s even further. *sADnesS*


  • I’m also not sure if this is a highlight or not, but now that school is officially over? I’m a senior. Around this time next year I’ll be done, and I can’t even fathom that. O_O



I know I wrote a post about ‘killing your TBR’ so no laughing at me. I only read five books XD. I wasn’t actually free to read until the second week of May, and then I had to remember that reading books besides my Alice in Wonderland script was a thing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 9.41.59 PM

Some Kind of Happiness was so stinking good, and is probably my favorite read this month. The Selection, comes in a close second… You’re Welcome Universe, I DNFed.



I have three main goals right now in the writing area: Edit Sparrow Singing with beta suggestions, write a synopsis of Sparrow, and finish writing draft two of Truth Remaining.

This month I focused on editing Truth Remaining. It’s nearly there… I have about 20k left to right and man, the feels. the plot twists. XD

But I’ve been getting wonderful comments back from this round of Sparrow Singing beta readers. Several them I know IRL, so one of them sent me these pictures when they finished:


For June:

Now that schools not present, I can write! And Art! And read! And fun stuff! (for the most part XD) It’s seriously felt so good this month to just create.

June. It’s always been my favorite month. This one will be pretty low-key, besides taking the SAT (studystudystudy) and June being my birthday month (another reason I adore June.)

Another goal I have is web hosting. I’m trying to get Jeneca Writes off its thing and self hosted., anyone?! We’ll see. This might get pushed into July, but who knows! I really excited for these summer months, my friends!


How was your month of May? Anything exciting happening this summer for you?

8 thoughts on “May 2017 Monthly Lookback

  1. Sounds like you had a productive month. Congratulations on your successes with your “Alice in Wonderland” play, especially being in the title role. I may steal the idea of a monthly look-back (with your permission) to keep myself on track with my goals.

    I’ve been working on a kind of retelling of “Alice in Wonderland” lately, and trying to whittle down my own TBR pile while doing reviews. Hoping for a good upcoming month. Good luck to you in June!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW, being the MC sounds scary yet so much fun. But I’m glad it went well!

    Baby chicks are the adorablest, and I want to do them sometime (when you know you’re a homeschooler when you say that XD)


    Oh ew SAT, yup, that’s a thing.

    Have a good June, Jeneca!

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    1. That’s pretty accurate description of being the MC. Scary and fun. XD
      And yes! You should totally have chicks sometime. One of our hens just happened to go broody so we separated her from the flock and viola. XD
      Thank you so much!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I GRADUATED FROM HIGH SCHOOL and now I’m officially unemployed and I got to give a valedictorian speech and got awards and it’s over and I don’t have to spend time with the annoying people anymore (you homeschoolers don’t know how good you have it XD). Good luck with the SAT! It’s such a dumb test but then you still have to study? arhrhrhrghh
    I also went on a rock climbing trip, did a project about military policy and did a presentation about it, and took four APs *ugh*
    Alice looks super fun! It’s so cool that you got to be two Alices, and the entire thing looks so fun. Also a lot of memorising so GOOD JOB. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EEK congrats on graduating!! And thank you. I’m looking forward to getting the SAT over with… even though I’ll probably take it twice 😅.
      All the stuff you did sounds really fun! I’ve never got rock climbing for real, only once in a building. XD

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  4. Wow! Sounds like an awesome month, but a serious bummer about your coffee shop closing! 😦 May was pretty exciting for me as we celebrated my son’s FIFTH birthday Saturday. 😮 He’s growing up so fast! I also contacted a logo designer and web designer for a new site coming this July (squeals!) as well as got an author coach. Looking forward to meeting with her again next month. Hope you have an awesome upcoming and productive month!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really awesome! Happy belated birthday to your son, and congrats on the new site and author coach! I can feel these coming months are gonna be productive for you 😀


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