What to do When You Are Swallowed by the Semester… (you react with gifs)



hiatusI… have something to confess that you probably already know about.

I haven’t been blogging over here. It’s been a whole month. Why?

Because I’ve been swallowed by the fall semester of 2017 and time is not something I have in abundance.

what i would like to do to this semester

As of late, I’ve been trying to crank out these final edits for Sparrow, hoping I can query before NaNo starts… That doesn’t look like it’s quite going to happen because, well, I keep finding things to change. Who knows if these are just “author” things I want to change, and that it’s a fine story without those things being changed…

or what if it’s not. what if those things are make-or-break or of things?!

Or what if I take to long to query and no one cares about my story because its the wrong genre?!

what im actually doing this semester 24/7.


Also, I’ve not been reading a lot of blog posts. Which is really sad. I miss it! In fact, I have four blog posts I’d like to read open in google chrome right now, but I’m trying to edit Sparrow this morning… ignore the fact that I still have an Algebra lesson to do and four thumbnails to sketch out before the next school week starts… not to mention a poster for history.

And I haven’t really been slacking during the week. I just have stuff to do besides what I’d like to do… Sadly. -.-

So it’s taken be a 238 words so far to say that I’m going to take a hiatus from blogging. I don’t have the time right now to put into this blog that I really want to. And this semester is only going to get more busy. I mean… I haven’t even finished reading single book in the month of September. And I had like, four books sitting on my shelf from interlibrary loan and they were all good! I didn’t read a one of them!

THINGS ARE GETTING DesPreaTE. To survive, I’m cutting out things. (like reading and blogging apparently. *weeps* )

Of course I’m on twitter and I have my art account if you want to see what I’m up to. (inktober, that’s what)

I’ll probably come back mid-november to talk about NaNo, or December when I’ve (hopefully) slayed this semester. Or maybe I’ll pop out a blog post at the end of October? Who knows!

I also have to worry about planning my NaNo soon, because for the first time in about 3-4 years, I’m writing something BESIDES my Sparrow Singing/Cost of Truth trilogy. *gasp* (it was long over due. XD)

Don’t worry. Next semester  is looking to be a looot lighter. Maybe I’ll even have time to start a youtube like I’ve been wanting to do? >:)

So farewell.

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