How to Get Back into the Swing of Writing and Not Melt into a Puddle


I’m sitting here, right now, not writing. I posted on twitter about 20 minutes ago that “oh the semesters over! i’m going to go write! lol xoxoxo” (not my actual tweet I’m paraphrasing here) but here we are.

Not writing… not editing. I’m blogging. Hello, it’s been a while.

To be honest, I’m a little terrified to go start, but I shouldn’t be. Sure, the last time I opened Sparrow Singing for editing purposes was in like, September before I started to plan for NaNo and before I did NaNo and before the semester nearly killed me… but we’re done with that now.

That’s in the past.


All I need to do is just… open the document. I’ve got the hard copy in front of me with all the edits that it needs. All the little cross-outs and typo fixes and scribblings in the margins…

So how does one get back into the swing of writing without melting into the floor in the process? Very, very carefully. Actually, I don’t have a clue.

All I have are these three steps that once I finish writing them, I’m going to go do them. Right. Totally going to do them now. riiiiight nowwww…

Personally, I drink Earl Grey with a ton of milk and honey in it. I even got a butter cookie to dip in it. t’was good. Check.


I’ve got my chair, desk, computer, manuscript, mug of tea, and all the things I need to start editing again. I’ve got a list of agents in mind to query once I finish up these last few (*cough* 19) chapter edits.

It’s a lot less scary once it’s open, trust me. I think it is, anyway. Just go do it. I just did and look at me… I haven’t melted into the floor so it obviously works.

why are you reading this blog post. shouldn’t you be writing too? DON’T LET YOUR DREAMS BE DREAMS. 


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