The Hardest NaNoWriMo Ever. 2017.

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Did I survive NaNoWriMo 2017? That’s a the real question, isn’t it?

I guess, since I’m here typing this out, then yes, I survived. The real question is did I survive this semester? (that’ll be answered in a different post. for now…. NaNoWriMo 2017.

So here is a November wrap up of sorts.

Except, I didn’t call it a wrap up or look back because I wanted a click-baity title.can you tell I’ve watched a lot of youtube lately? hmm. \ (>◡<) /


A dystopian. It’s pretty neat.

short story: twin bros receive a scholarship to go the school run by the country that has oppressed their sector since before they were born… but they don’t play by the rules when they get there.

long story:

After the Culture War, after the nation went through its Second Reconstruction, things changed. No one wants to repeat incidents leading up to the war or upset the United Faction.

Living in the middle of nowhere Indiana, now one of the many sectors to receive multiple ideological strikes, two brothers receive the Scholarship. It’s a chance to leave their  and receive better education in the Unilege.  What they find, however, isn’t all golden. Whatever truths and realizations the Culture War and Reconstruction caused people to come to aren’t true, and aren’t working. Things are worse off than they were before the violence started.

No one wants to repeat the War… Zeyden and Lane are among them. But what if the first outcome wasn’t the one that needed to happen? 

(it’s dystopian, if you haven’t noticed lol)

Here’s my pinterest board, by the way. As inspired by Katie and Aimee’s absolutely stunning pinterest boards, I’ve been trying to do a better job with mine. Usually I pin everything any anything even if it doesnt match. They’re usually pretty ugly. This year was different.




Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash

He’s INTP. Drinks his “coffee” black because that’s what they can afford. Desperately logical. Fiercely protective of his family and rarely apart from his bro.



ENFP. Ready for adventure, enjoys playing any role he can. More… experimentive than his brother and thinks on his feet a little quicker.



Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

ISTJ, generally silent. considering her background, it takes a long while for her to warm up to someone to trust them All logic and wit. But once you’re trusted… you’re in.* And she’s not as stiff as she seems.**

(*ID LIKE TO TAKE A MINUTE TO SAY THAT THIS IS NOT A LOVE TRIANGLE THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS BOOK AND THERE ARE NO LOVE TRIANGLES THANK YOU GOODNIGHT people I didn’t mention like Asha the firey latina girl who like never took off her black ball cap and Charlie the smol cinnamon roll from the super supressed region of what was West Virginia.) 
**so there is a smol teeny tiny romance that didn’t really go anywhere but makes me squeal a little with delight. *cough*

week one


All start off by saying this: this was a really, really, hard NaNo. I don’t know exactly what caused it, but I do have a general guess.

I, as you know, didn’t write anything for my Trilogy this NaNo. Since all three books have been written and now require editing… i wanted something fresh. I haven’t written anything new since, well, 2014 when I started my Trilogy. Plus, all my books are in female perspective. So this one is in the perspective of a dude. And I wanted to include family, since my other books don’t really include that. (family and dystopian don’t always go together… in this case, though…)

I really, really, enjoyed it but man oh man was it hard. I didn’t really give myself enough of an outline to go on. I hadn’t completely figured out the rules of my world, the convictions of my characters, the “theology” so to say, and motives and structure… it’s kinda a mess. Of course, I had a general idea. I knew what I wanted to do… but did I accomplish that? Who knows, man. This story sprang out of one idea that then went a completely different direction. Going into it, I wasn’t even sure that I’d like it.


So the first week? It was alright. Started off smooth sailing… then the bumps of week two came in.

at least I got to include a grandfather who was fluent in memes because he grew up in the meme era of today.

week two


Things were just really hard as I tried to set up this whole school environment. I did the same thing to myself when I set up the Institute in Sparrow Singing. Past me hadn’t really planned everything out, so present me then had to fly by the seat of my pants for the details.

Related image

It’s alright, though. Everything’s fine.

And yes, I did include a grandad that knew about memes… I also may have done this:

Gotta keep things light, as this is a pretty serious book dealing with serious topics and issues and life on the line rebelling stuff.

week three


Week three was hhhhaaaarrrrddddd. Not only was this book just difficult to write, but I got sick with something like strep in the middle of it, felt like doing absolutely nothing and everything ached, and then Thanksgiving happened.

Image result for sick  gif


week four

50k on November 28th

final wordcount: 64,073

This week actually went… well? It picked up towards the end. Because of necessity. I’ve become a stickler about finishing my novel in the month of November, not just 50k. That will probably come back to bite me, because the end’s kinda a mess, but s’all good, s’all good. That last day I wrote somewhere around 11k? I forget, honestly. It was a lot. It was difficult. I almost died, probably.

Image result for almost died gif

So that was that. My book is done. It’s a mess, but it’s done. I survived. If you’re reading this, you survived, too. so perks!



you all know stats are the best. I loved stalking watching other peoples stats all month. It’s just so interesting! I don’t love math, but I love statistical numbers and word counts. XD

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 9.08.30 AM

I’ll see you all next post. It’ll probably be the last of the year, but with this post, my Hiatus has officially ended! My new goal is to blog once every two weeks, or at least keep up the once a week. I’m thinking about starting a youtube, so that might change up my post scheduling around here. We’ll see. ;P I really need to keep editing my book so I can query it but MORE ABOUT THAT NEXT POST. mwaahahaha


What do you think? Did you do NaNo? If so, how did it go and what did you write this year?


7 thoughts on “The Hardest NaNoWriMo Ever. 2017.

  1. I love your Hamilton reference! Congratulations on finish despite everything.
    I did NaNoWriMo as well, writing the second book in a trilogy I’m working on, and it went well until about week three. It also came up a bit short, so I had to go back and find places to add in scenes I missed. But I still managed to win, so I consider it a success.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congrats on this story. And on schools that have morality issues… I am definitely interested in those kinds of stories.

    And can I say that your book cover and new header look absolutely brilliant?

    And now for my regular Spanish comment to bring some encouragement your way~~

    Me gusta tu idea para creando un canal de YouTube. iEso parece divertido! Voy a esperar tus posts en el año nuevo. (O nuevo año? No sé?)


  3. Congratulations on finishing! It sounds so so interesting!! (also that Hamilton reference is everything XD)

    also stats are the most interesting part of stuff to me too. I swear sometimes I do things just so I can see the stats at the end XD

    Liked by 1 person

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