1/6 of my Goals Completed.

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What? Three weeks into the new year? That’s crazy.  I couldn’t have already completed a goal. I must be lying.

I’m not, actually. As difficult as this month has been life wise (and writing, stress, art and everything wise) I have completed one of my goals…

Last week I officially “started,” my youtube channel. With this video.

(of course, you followers who have been with me since around last may will notice I have another vide posted before it. That’s the Q&A that I posted for my one year blogaversary…. o-o so this wasn’t really much of a “oh wow I completed my goal!!” lol)

Now, I’m still not sure how often Ill be posting. This semester, however, is shaping up to be not quite as busy as the last (a blessing and a curse) So I’m hoping to continue blogging once a week, and then possibly putting out a video every other week? Maybe I’ll go back and forth between video and post. This is my senior year, after all. I have a job… finding scholarships online and applying for them. *sweat gif*

I also just posted this video, my first studio vlog, if looking at my sketchbook isn’t your cup of tea.

anyway, I hope you enjoy. This goal isn’t technically goal. Starting a youtube also means… continuing to post on youtube.

That’s the general idea, anyway.

Have you ever started a youtube/made videos? What videos would you be interested in seeing from me in the future?

7 thoughts on “1/6 of my Goals Completed.

  1. I liked your videos. You’re such a good artist and I loved seeing inside your sketchbook. My sister and I have a YouTube channel, but we do music videos and such. We’ve got one now we need to edit, in fact. 🙂

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  2. I really enjoyed the blog! (Didn’t look at the sketchbook) It was really high quality, especially since it was your first time, and I liked the little doodles and handwriting aesthetic thing ;). I know art portfolios are really annoying from my friends who did art. Good luck! The whole ‘I’m graduating’ thing doesn’t sink in, and then it happens and everything is okay ❤

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  3. Oooo, I’m excited to check out these videos! Haha, I also was excited to finally ‘start a youtube’ but…keeping it going is another thing…I only have one video out as of last September, haha! By the way, your blog is so pretty!! I haven’t been around here much, I guess! *hopes to change that*
    *also needs to go subscribe* I hope you smash your other goals, Jeneca!
    ~ riley aline

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