What Makes a Character a Favorite Character?

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For the next two weeks, I’ll be reverting back to my 2016 Blogging schedule to try and get back into the blogging loop! This is post #1 of 3. Check back soon for the other three~!

(*cough* this ones a little late. It was supposed to beย  up yesterday, but I know you didn’t notice ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Most all of us have favorite characters. But… what makes them our favorites?

Copy of Copy of hardest nano ever.png


I’ve been wondering this for years, thinking about all the very certain characters/series that I adore and just wondering… what makes me love this character and this series so fiercely? What makes everyone adore this character… how can I replicate that within my writing?

Of course, I don’t want to write this character like “oh, if I give him a tragic backstory and they’ll surely be a favorite,” I don’t want to pick a trope to try and trick someone into loving my character.

no. I want it to occur naturally, or it’ll be obvious that I’m trying too hard. It needs must be genuine.

So that has lead me to this: I want to know what makes my brain grab onto a character and think “I must protect this bean, I must know what happens to this bean, yOU SHALL NOT KILL THIS BEAN.”


The more I’ve brewed and steeped over this post, the more I’ve come to realize that it’s different for each of us. There are the general, “this person is my favorite because they are smart/relatable/kind/strong, etc.

So let’s just talk about some of my favorite characters and their stories, why I like them, and then generalize the themes that run through them and see if we can find and similarities!

As a warning, this post may contain spoilers for various series, like the Clone Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, etc. However, they’re pretty well know and chances are, you already know their fates.


Ahsoka Tano, Star Wars: The Clone Wars & Star Wars Rebels

Ahsoka, Ahsoka, my little bean-padawan jedi-kickbut general-turned “not”jedi. I’veย 

loved this girl since she appeared on screen in The Clone Wars animated movie thing as Anakin Skywalker’s padawan (much to anakin’s surprise)


She sharp as a tack, witty, and has just the right fierce attitude to balance out Anakin’s compulsive sarcastic tone about life. She brings the logic into the situation, even if she is young at the start of her journey. By 16-17, she’s a general in the Clone Wars…

To put it simply, Ahsoka is brilliant. Not only is she a general and jedi padawan (that wields two lightsabers.. with a reverse grip, mind you) she’s loyal, kind, strong. Everything a jedi should be.

Until she’s framed by someone for a bombing attempt. Until she’s turned out of the

to catch a jedi season 5 GIF by Star Wars

jedi council, put on trial for thing she didn’t do, and her world crumbles around her.

She has to seek help from one of Anakin and hers greatest foes, Asaji Ventress, to

clear her name. And, since this is Ahsoka we’re talking about, she finds a freaking way to get it done.

But she’s left broken and untrusting of the Jedi. She leaves the Jedi council, and when the whole Order 66 goes down, Anakin goes Vader and all that, she disappears.annihilation movie GIFWhen she comes back in Star Wars Rebels, she just as strong as ever, and fighting for the rebellion. She’s no longer a jedi, but still dual lightsabers, just they’re white.

She’s still Ahsoka.

I won’t continue blabbering on about how incredible she is, but Ahsoka only goes through more heartbreak, which ended in fighting her old master Anakin-turned

Image result for ahsoka tano vs darth vader


Vader on a Sith planet… and leaving us in suspense as to whether or not she died for


the next two years. (spoiler, she didn’t. AHSOKAS ALIVE *tEaRs*)

Ahsoka is fierce, but soft when she needs to be. So Much Injustice She Didn’t Deserve tm. Resolution for her is still coming, not clear.{anyway it was. when I started to write this post, her fate wasn’t revealed. but after, the fourth season of SW rebels came out, and she has a bit more of a fate… I mean… she’s alive. thank goodness *lets out a breath I was holding*


James Barnes, aka Bucky/The Winter Solider, Marvel.

Bucky. Oh, Bucky, my poor little bean. This poor guy has been through everything, to the point where he no longer wants to trust himself, and

deserving none of it. A fierce fighter who fought by Steve’s side in WW2, he basically fell of a train and ended up kidnapped and trained/brainwashed for Hyrdra as the Winter Solider, and ruthless, brutal assassin.

I don’t have quite as much to rant about Bucky, since I’m not the largest follower of comics n such, just the marvel movies. And chances are, you’ve all seen those. Bucky becomes the Winter Solider Cap brings him back, but Bucky still has to go through a heck of a lot of trouble as he tries to forget the brainwashing Hydra put on him.

But he pulls out of it. In the end, through it all, he’s trying. Sure, it’s a struggle, sure, he’s not getting it right, but Steve is there and he’s trying to help, trying to bring back his friend that fell off the train all those years ago.

(There’s an incredible text post that I read about Bucky and his feelings… I’ll link it here if I can find it :P)

Fierce and loyal. Carefree until So Much Injustice He Didn’t Deserve tm. Lost memories, A Broken Mind & Soul. Resolution still coming. (infinity war is going to be the end of me.)


Sirius Black, Harry Potter

OH SIRIUS. Sirius was pretty much my first real favorite character, back when Iread harry potter at the age of 9. He captivated me as he was Harry’s godfather and only real father figured. When Sirius came into the picture, I was so, so happy for Harry. Harry had a father figure. Sirius was out of prison. HAPPY TEARS.

Well all know what follows.

Harry Potter GIFVoldy comes back. Harry has a small time to come visit Sirius in his house, talk with him about his Father, James, but not for long.

Bellatrix murders him and murder’s Harry’s chances at having a father figure he so desperately needs.

Sirius has lots of characteristics my other favorites have. Sirius is fierce (like a dog… hah) and loyal (also like a dog… ahaha.) SO MUCH INJUSTICE HE DIDN’T DESERVE tm. (are you noticing the trend yet??) Family. Resolution?? WHAT RESOLUTION.


…Steve Rodgers, aka Captain America

Of course, I couldn’t include Bucky without including Cap.

While I don’t feel quite as passionately about Cap, I still love him as a character.ย He’s been through so much after getting into the war effort way back in the 40’s, made into a super solider… and then forced to watch his best friend ‘die,’ while they’re on a mission to save the world, and then crash to an icy sleep to prevent the Tessarect from falling into the wrong hands.ย  (just watch Captain America: The First Avenger. You all know the story. Red Skull. No dance with Peggy Carter. Emotions and sadness abounding. “Rip “James. )

But now he’s at the brink of something else– now that he’s been woken up, fought a war with the avengers and against the other avengers, successfully gotten Bucky back on his side and his right side of mind… now they’re standing at the brink of the Infinity War.

I‘ll be honest… it’s not looking good for Steve, and this makes me sad, because… *sigh* cap can’t die. cap shouldn’t die. even if this would be cool…bucky barnes GIF

Kind, passionate, loyal. So Much Injustice to Him tm.ย Unabashedly strong in what he believes and standing in truth.



So in conclusion (you already know the conclusion.) I’ve found that I really, really gravitate towards character that have gone through heck. They’ve received so much they don’t deserve, so much heartache, break, lost friends, lost family, lost opportunity. etc. Yet, they still stand. Even if they fall, they stood till the end.

And that, I find, it a trait that is truly striking, truly admirable. To be able to stand in the face of death and not waver, to be able to hold on. Even if the journey is hard, even if they have faltered along the way or if they don’t believe in themselves… they stand up.


So tell me, because this post has been about me and my favorite things, what makes a character YOUR favorite?

(Maybe I can compile a huge post with your thoughts and opinions and favorite characters?! That would be cool, because these are just my opinions. If you wanna write a book and write good characters that people will love, you should see what all people love, right?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

6 thoughts on “What Makes a Character a Favorite Character?

  1. I think I feel very similar about characters as you do. I love characters that have gone through heck and back and yet they don’t give up. I love characters that are willing to fight for what they want and never surrender. All the characters you mentioned are some of my faves, except Sirius because I haven’t read Harry Potter. A few I would add are Katniss, Magnus Chase, Percy Jackson, and Black Widow.

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  2. I don’t know… I find myself liking characters that are different to me (or at least different most of the time). Characters who can tell a person how they honestly feel about things. Characters who are bold.

    I can’t name many characters right now but one that I like is Nick Hidaka from the Geek Girl series.

    Liked by 1 person


    Hence Why I love Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender so much. I IMPLORE you to watch that show. It is the most important thing I have ever requested of you.

    Liked by 2 people

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