The Get to Know Me Tag {writer’s edition}

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Hello all, and welcome to the get to know me tag. Why am I doing this if I’ve been blogging for so long? Reintroductions are good. I don’t expect you to remember everything about me, especially if I haven’t blogged consistently since mid 2017, lol.

So treat this post as a re-hello. Thank you so much to Rosalie Valentine for the honorary tag 😉

Let’s dive into it!

[Vital Stats & Appearance]

(pen)Name: Jeneca Zody (my name lol)

Nicknames: Jeniqua, Jen ( no one is allowed to call me Jen but one person. XD)

Birthday: June 9th, ’99 (One last year of teenager hood!!)

Hair color and length: Brown and oh so very helplessly straight. Right now, it’s basically chin length and I have bangs, though not quite as thick as they once were.

Eye-color: Good question. Gray? Blue-ish?

Braces/Piercings/tattoos: None of the above lol. I got my ears pierced when I was young, but they hurt so I let them grow in.

Righty or Lefty: Righty! Don’t ask me to do anything with my left.

Ethnicity: Very English/Irish, and a good bunch of German.



First Novel written: That would be a historical fiction of a slave girl who learns to read and escapes up north.

First Novel completed: A contemporary fantasy called “Forest of Werewolves.” Magic school, magic powers, a werewolf uprising… it was interesting.

Award for writing: n/a

First publication: this day is still coming

Conference: I’ve never been to what feels like an actual writing conference, so to say. The first one I went to was a local/statewide faith and writing conference at my nearby university. It wasn’t very directed towards my kind of fiction, but it was a valuable experience none-the-less!

Query/Pitch: I have queried once for Sparrow Singing. *insert gasp* I know, I haven’t talked about it, mostly because it was my first query and I figured nothing would come from it. But either way, I wasn’t going to go public with it until the answer was clearer lol. I plan on querying for the rest of the year, though, and hopefully something will stick before I land university this fall. We’ll see, I guess!!



Novel (that you wrote): Ahummmmm…. o-o Probably Sparrow Singing? We haven’t been getting along lately, but yeah. That series is still probably my favorite.

Genre: I’ve dabbled about in historical fiction (my long time love) contemporary fantasy, and then for the past four years, I’ve focused on dystopian… All YA of course lol.

Author: I cannot pick one. Nope. But I will pick a “current” favorite. Elizabeth Wein, author of Code Name Verity, is currently b l o w i n g m y m i n d once again.

Writing Music: I have playlists for all my stories lol. They’re a combo of film scores, instrumentals and other songs. Lots of moody lyrical piano lately. I also like to listen to Noisli. Which is wonderful when you have a house with younger siblings and everyone is on a mission to pop the bubble of silence that I love to live in.

Time to Write: Everytime. Super late at night under a blanket, or way early in the morning. Occasionally the middle of the day. I used to write consistently at 2pm everyday… those were the good old days.

Writing Snack/Drink: Iced mochas, hot mochas, chai, or like, water. XD

Movie: Okay. We all love the LOTR and Harry Potter movies. But lately… Marvel. I’ve become obsessed. So I have to say Spiderman: Homecoming, or possibly one of the Captain America movies… winter solider or civil war….hmmmm.

Writing Memory: Ahhh. I have fond memories of when I killed my first character when I was 12… but I don’t think I want to say that’s my favorite. XD

Probably in 2016, when I went to my favorite camp and had a writing studio with Lauren Brandenburg, author of the (series) All week me and 5 other lovely people worked on our writing, built each other up, and Lauren provided me with tons of priceless advice, helped me to rename and rework my story (along with critiquing and line editing my prologue, something that… seriously priceless.

Childhood Book: Harry Potter, for sure. It’s weird of me to say that, but when I first read it, I was 9. I also loved Julie B Jones and the Dear America diaries… but Harry Potter takes all. (I’m a hufflepuff, by the way. I feel like I need to mention that XD)

Reading: Okay, I’ve been awful at reading this year, so I have lots of mid-way-through books, even though I typical focus on one.

DIY MFA by Gabriela Pierea

To All the Boys I’ve Loved by Jenny Han

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein (distant screaming)

Radio Silence by Alice Oseman

Writing: AS ALWAYS I’m editing Sparrow Singing for Camp NaNo this month. If I somehow miraculously finish, then I’ll move on to re-drafting Book 2. Or maybe write something entirely new. *shrug*

Listening to: Right now? The Winter Solider score. Before that was the Antman and the wasp score. Not soundtrack instrumental wise, I’ve gotten back into Florence and the Machine.

Watching: I just watched Ant-Man last week, followed by Spiderman-homecoming for the 4th time. I usually watch a lot of video game play-throughs and have them running in the background while I do stuff.

Learning: That this is not the end. What I’m feeling right now, it will pass. Even if it hurts… God is working through this, even if I can’t see how it will be resolved and even if it feels like a small dagger to the heart. Lol. He’s greater than any anxiety I have had, currently have, or will have.



Want to be Published: YES. Absolutely. I’ve been working on Sparrow for four years with this in mind. There’s the whole trilogy… but its been such a long time since Dystopian was cool, and I’m now beginning to wonder if my story is something that actually needs to be in the world. It’s helped me grow for sure, but what if that was it’s purpose? I guess we’ll just see. I’ve prayed for open doors and I’ve had lots of open doors. I’ll keep going through them until I reach a closed one.

Indie or Traditional: Being a homeschooler, I’ve done so many things on my own. In a way, I’m tired of it. I want to be traditionally published. It’s not something I want to do alone or have to organize all by myself. I need outside help.

Wildest Goal: Get Sparrow Published. I… despite my reservations about whether or not I should be published… I still would like it. Sparrow still has a story I want to tell and share.

its not a blog post if I don’t include a shia gif. 

I tag…


That is, if your name has any of the letters in the alphabet in it. Yes, if you have an a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z in it, then you’re tagged.

Especially if you’re going to Realm makers in 9(!!!) days. Link me back to your post so we can get to know each other more!! >.<

What’s something you’ve learned this year? And what are you currently reading?




*cough* did I give myself away?

Yeah. If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been pretty uninspired lately. Like, really. I haven’t written anything in months. But I love my story still.

I’ve fallen down the lazy rabbit hole of not creating. I’ve let myself go, really. It’s as if I was in the habit of working out, but things got difficult so I stopped working out. School got busy, I got a day job to pay for college this fall, and I put writing on the back burner, something I didn’t intend to do, ever.

In wake of stopping writing, I’ve lost all my inspiration and motivation for writing. Like, all of it. I think of my story often, though. I still love it, but I’ve lost track of it and haven’t been able to catch up with it.

Instead, I’ve picked up the hobby of this thing, I don’t think you’ll have heard of it, but it’s called YouTube? Yeah, it’s not that popular. I’ve just been watching this short little videos called video game play through while I doodle little pictures…

(That’s heavy on the sarcasm. I’ve spent hours and hours watching YouTube while I draw or whatever, instead of getting crap don e on my book. Not entire bad, but not entirely that great either.)

I’ve fallen down this rabbit hole, but I finally hit the end. I’m crawling out of it. Or attempting to.

I’ve tried again and again but I keep slipping back down. This time, it’s different. I bought a URL for my blog, so I’ve got to be serious now.

I have to. This is I can’t mess around any more. 😉

So I’m writing this plan mostly for myself… as usual… But I thought I’d share it, none the less, and keep myself accountable.

This. .. is definitely my favorite thing to do. I always feel like I get more done when I a) leave the house b) leave the house early c) have coffee.

So this morning, I took my story out for coffee. You can do numerous things when you take your story out for coffee. I asked over on my Twitter what you guys did when y out ran out of motivation to write, and someone suggested write fan faction of your story.

So that’s what I did. You could also look at your story and pick up where you left off.

Find out what you were working on and go back to it. Find those plot holes and return to filling them in. Make a list, if you have to. Lists are your friend.

Some other advice I’ve received has been to watch movies, read widely and often, do other hobby things. That may work for some, but for me it’s become an excuse. Right now beside my mouse pad, I’ve got my sketchbook and a pile of winsor and newton markers. I’ve got an xbox controller begging me to go play Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker on the Emulator I downloaded. There’s a stack of books on the shelf next to my desk just waiting to be read. I’ve even got a Majora’s Mask Let’s Play open in the window next to this blog post!

For me… it’s distracting. I’m someone who, regretably, just needs to sit my butt in a chair and just write. No complaining.

Which… this is the step that I’m having trouble taking. It’s easy to go out for coffee. It’s not too difficult to figure out what you need to work on next. I know that I need to work on line edits for Sparrow Singing, re-write/re-work a lot of the second book, and finish typo fixing the third book to give it to my lovely alpha-reader to read.

I just need to… do it.

Wish me luck.

What are some things you “just need to do” in your writing or creative life that you’ve been avoiding?