7 Things About My Writing Process.

I haven’t done a beautiful people post since March… but these questions looked really good, so I chose some and here we are. 😀

(beautiful people is hosted by Cait of Paper Fury and Sky of Further Up and Further

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1. How do you decide which project to work on?

Well… I’ll be honest. All the projects I’m currently working on are in a Trilogy. So deciding which to work on first has been relatively easy: I’m working on them in order. XD All three have been written, but the first book needs to be finished or I can’t pitch the trilogy to an agent.


2. How long does it usually take you to finish a project?

Confession time… I have never actually “finished an entire book” until this year. And even then, I’m not sure Sparrow is done yet. I need to read through her again. But to finish a first draft? That usually takes 30 days, because NaNoWriMo is the best.


3. Do you have any routines to put you in the writing mood?

I have gone through several writing spots in my life time, (my chair, a desk, my chair covered in a blanket, etc…) That’s really pretty much it. The only other thing I do is music. That was an acquired taste, though. Last January I started to see that people listened to movie soundtracks while writing. I thought that was cool… so I built my own playlist and have been building it ever since. XD


4. What time of day do you write best?

My writing time, as of late, has been all over the place. I’ve been writing in the morning (like, 45 minutes after I get up) but also sometimes in the midmorning around 10am. For a long while I wrote around 2pm, when I finished school work… but I also love to write late at night? Ugh. I need to get my game together.

5. Why did you start writing, and why do you keep writing?

I started writing stories because they were in my head, and I wanted to tell them. It’s that simple. I loved to read and I loved stories, so I came up with some, wrote them down, and got hooked. Well… in between my other hundred hobbies. Writing was neglected for a while, until I took it up hardcore at the end of 2015/ beginning of 2016. Now I’m trying to make it more than a hobby.

I keep writing because I have a story that’s written, and I want it to get better and better. I want to share it.

6.What’s the hardest thing you’ve written?

Oh man. Probably the death of this girl in a historical fiction novel that I wrote. She and a friend, one of the slaves her father owned, were escaping into freedom… but the girl nearly drowned in a river and escapee friend had to bring her back to the shore… then she died. And the escapee had to deal with the consequences that a white girl drowned trying to save her.

oops lol

7. What writing goals did you make for 2017 and how are they going?

Well, lemme treat this as my mid-way-through-the-year-goal-check-up and let’s see what goals I set for myself in January…


  • Finish editing Sparrow Singing // YES. I finished that round of editing. Now I’m on another. oops.
  • Get Sparrow to another round of betas // check check check.
  • Give Truth Remaining a single read-through edit //… um… well, we’re working on this for Camp this month.
  • Prepare all the necessities for querying agents. // this is also in the works! I have a small folder of agents to query, and this month I’m hoping to meet with another author to get some help on this.


That was fun! You’re welcome to steal my chosen seven questions, or check out all ten of them over at Cait’s blog.

See ya’ll next Sunday. :3



June Monthly Look Back

June is over. What?


Well, last month I didn’t have too many goals. I mentioned art, writing, and reading. Annnd that’s basically what I’ve done. Not too much else has happened in terms of other stuff. XD

  • I started an instagram for my art/illustration (as that’s one of the things I’m considering pursuing in college.) It’s @jenecadraws, if you’re interested. 😀
  • This happened earlier.


  • Lot’s o’ swimming has gone on, and it’s been reasonably warm, too.
  • I took the SAT. All went well, really. Hopefully. I guess we’ll find out when I get the results. XD
  • I tried making and posting “creative people problems” comics on my twitter. If I make enough, I’ll put them all into a blog post. Here’s the first one, though:

    ‘scuse the chicken scratch handwriting ;p
  • I’ve been checking out book after book at the library. I wonder if they’ll ever get sick of me interlibrary loaning everything? Stay tuned.
  • So many people I know have been traveling this month and it’s making me restless to just go somewhere. Is this a highlight? Probably. Because I’ve been thinking about traveling all month, to beaches, Cali, down south, England. Just everywhere.
  • Anndd thinking about tiny houses.



This turned out to be *such* a good month for reading! Probably the best I’ve had since last year. I was partially inspired by my library’s reading program, though. I requested and checked out allll the books I’ve been interested in lately. Why?

Every time  I check out a book, I get a slip of paper where I can put in a box for a prize drawing. But not some dinky prize, no, a prize like a $40 barnes and noble gift card or a mini fridge.

But back to books: CAN WE TALK ABOUT CODE NAME VERITY? AND THE SEEDS OF AMERICA SERIES. Both of them are so. stinking. good. If you want to read Code Name Verity, please, get the audio book. It made my cry, but I couldn’t get more than a few tears out because I was sitting there, gaping and staring in disbelief.

except i was on the verge of crying

Ugh. So good.



Writing. Well, I did write some this month. Actually, I got quite a bit done… before I fizzled out at the end, that is.

I think I talked a bit about writing in my rambles post mid way through. For the most part, writing stopped after that.

I finished incorporating beta suggestions (for the most part) as well as beta typos. Then I compiled the thing in scrivener, and opened up the 330 page file in open office (which is free Microsoft Word, essentially)

I now need to read through it, a final-ish read through, to make sure the voice is good, I didn’t leave andy funky typos, and all of the plots of efficiently woven in.

hopefully this will all be done in time for me to leave camp where I can talk to the resident author that’ll be there all week? and can help me figure out how to query? yeah.




I’m incredibly excited for July. I’ll be selling at the farmers market again for a bit, then going to my favorite camp in the whole world for a week, and then at the very beginning of August, I’m going to head to the east coast for a while with some friends.

Yes. Travel. It’s not California… but it’ll do. 😉

That means basically three weeks without blogging or writing… but no worries! I’m going to set up a bunch of posts for ya’ll. It’ll be good.

But also in July: I’m attempting Camp NaNo again! I’m just doing the same book I did last April, the sequel to Sparrow that I wrote in 2015. Since camp started yesterday, however, I have yet to write a single word… I was busy all day July 1st.

I will finish this thing. XD 

How was your month of June? Do you plan on doing Camp NaNo this July?