What to do When You Are Swallowed by the Semester… (you react with gifs)


hiatusI… have something to confess that you probably already know about.

I haven’t been blogging over here. It’s been a whole month. Why?

Because I’ve been swallowed by the fall semester of 2017 and time is not something I have in abundance.

what i would like to do to this semester

As of late, I’ve been trying to crank out these final edits for Sparrow, hoping I can query before NaNo starts… That doesn’t look like it’s quite going to happen because, well, I keep finding things to change. Who knows if these are just “author” things I want to change, and that it’s a fine story without those things being changed…

or what if it’s not. what if those things are make-or-break or of things?!

Or what if I take to long to query and no one cares about my story because its the wrong genre?!

what im actually doing this semester 24/7.


Also, I’ve not been reading a lot of blog posts. Which is really sad. I miss it! In fact, I have four blog posts I’d like to read open in google chrome right now, but I’m trying to edit Sparrow this morning… ignore the fact that I still have an Algebra lesson to do and four thumbnails to sketch out before the next school week starts… not to mention a poster for history.

And I haven’t really been slacking during the week. I just have stuff to do besides what I’d like to do… Sadly. -.-

So it’s taken be a 238 words so far to say that I’m going to take a hiatus from blogging. I don’t have the time right now to put into this blog that I really want to. And this semester is only going to get more busy. I mean… I haven’t even finished reading single book in the month of September. And I had like, four books sitting on my shelf from interlibrary loan and they were all good! I didn’t read a one of them!

THINGS ARE GETTING DesPreaTE. To survive, I’m cutting out things. (like reading and blogging apparently. *weeps* )

Of course I’m on twitter and I have my art account if you want to see what I’m up to. (inktober, that’s what)

I’ll probably come back mid-november to talk about NaNo, or December when I’ve (hopefully) slayed this semester. Or maybe I’ll pop out a blog post at the end of October? Who knows!

I also have to worry about planning my NaNo soon, because for the first time in about 3-4 years, I’m writing something BESIDES my Sparrow Singing/Cost of Truth trilogy. *gasp* (it was long over due. XD)

Don’t worry. Next semester  is looking to be a looot lighter. Maybe I’ll even have time to start a youtube like I’ve been wanting to do? >:)

So farewell.


Where I Went and What I’m Thinking

*crashes into your blog post feed* HEy. Remember me? Jeneca. Yep. I haven’t been blogging hardly at all lately.

where I went (1)

I thought I’d give a quick snapshot/over view of what the hey I’ve been doing in the month of August, and why I haven’t been blogging. (tbh it’s because I’m a leetle lazy) 

  1. Washingtonnnn+Maryland+Charlottesville,VA

This is the bulk of why I’ve been so silent over here. August 3rd through August 13th, we were gone traveling. And now that I’m back I can tell you/ show some preety pictures. 

We camped in Maryland in the mountains and it was gorgeous! Toads! Mushrooms! Trees! Rocks! (basically all my loves.)

I MEAN LOOK AT THAT. Those mushrooms. They’re precious. And that toad. And those trees. The mosquitos weren’t that bad there, either which is incredible. Sure, it rained a lot, but rain is cool too.

(Even if the only thing protecting your from a torrential shower is a basically a tarp. lol.)

We also went into Washington DC, rode the metro, walked (a lot) saw the Washington Monument  (is it bad that one of the first things I thought about after seeing it was spiderman??) + museums. 

We also got to see the Vietnam memorial, which was pretty humbling and so cool to see in person.

Then we drove down to Charlottesville, VA to see Monticello. We ended up stayin in an airbnb outside the city and went to Monticello the next day… while the riot was going on. That was unexpected. We drove through the city on our way home that night and man. It was eerily empty, police everywhere, an emergency help space set up…

But Monticello was INCREDIBLE. Getting to tour Thomas Jefferson’s house (and see his grave site) was super cool. That dude is intriguing in many different ways.


2. Decompressing from Washington 

After I got back from camping n such, I had to decompress and spend a few days feeling depressed.

It felt so good to travel and have friends to talk to… even if there were stressful moments. Coming home and back to life and stress and family… good and bad, good and bad.

3. College Strugglessss

But now that it’s September, I’m at the brink of another semester. I’ve been facing more college struggles.

I’m sure in the past I’ve mentioned that I do dual credit classes at college(s) whilst in High School. This year is my last (It’s my senior! year!) so I’m trying to soak up these cheap credit hours. I’m doing more Spanish (yay!) and I somehow got into a 4 1/2 night drawing class that’s once a week. So that should be interesting.

If you have the opportunity to do dual credit classes while you’re in highschool, do it. It allows you to get college credit (and high school credit at the same time!) for majorly discounted costs, like $50 a credit hour.


I’m at this point though, that I’ll be graduating with about fifteen credits to my name. Which is great, woo-hoo, but now? I’m a transfer student. Which means less scholarship money if I go to a different college.

Which was how I intended to go to college.

I don’t want to be crushed under the weight of student loans, so scholarships were going to be my saving grace wherever I ended up going.

I still need to talk to my counselor at one of the college(s) and find out if there’s any loopholes…  but the past week or two has me been thinking about “Majors? Which school? Mergh -.-” even though I knoooow people change their majors when they get into college. They discover new passions. God opens doors. But there’s just some… deciding factors between schools.

A. Super pricey tiny scholarship school with my desired major?

Or B. Incredible cheap tons of scholarships school with not necessarily my desired major.


(Sorry that was a rant. Cookies for you if you didn’t just skim it like I might have.)

But I know I have to let that go.

I know that no matter what, God is in control and my life is in his hands. He holds the plans. We’ll see what doors open and close and… yeah. 🙂 This “being a transfer student” could totally end up making me stay where I am and realized “oh hey I needed to be here the whole time!!” 



4. I’m other places beyond my blog, too.

If you ever find yourself sitting around thinking, “Oh, man, I wish Jeneca would post a blog post!” (cut me some slack on my humor skills, I haven’t blogged in a month) I have good news for you!

I! Am! Other! Places! On! The! Internet!

I have my ever faithful twitter page, @jenecawrites and I also have my art instagram page @jenecadraws, which I’ve been *trying* to build up recently.

I wanna be an Illustrator as well as a novel-writing-author, my dudes. Like, do book covers and stuff? The cool ones that are like actual pieces of art and not stock images?! WOULDN’T THAT BE COOL?! Best of both worlds.

But I keep doodling little pictures instead of spending an hour to three hours on piece LIKE I SHOULD BE DOING LOL.

But yes. I’m other places on the inter-webs. I’ve also been considering starting a Youtube channel this winter/next semester. It would be a writing/life/art channel. Let me know if that sounds cool. I used to make videos a loooong time ago (in another era, in another genre of life) and I really liked the whole video editing thing.

It would be good to get back into it. ^.^

Have you been on any trips recently? What are your thoughts going into this semester?