A Letter to Future Writing Me

(an intro to this letter: I wanted to write a postcard to my future self, but since that’s not possible, this blog post will have to do. I hosted a twitter poll ask what you all wanted me to blog about, and this was the second place winner. Enjoy!)

Dear Future Jeneca,
I’d call you an author now, in hopes that you’re now published and agented and all of that snazzy stuff, but at the time of writing this letter, June 25th, 2017, you’re already an author.

In the present you are. Today. So in the future, no matter what may happen with your career as an author, you’re still an author. You still wrote a freaking book. Three, actually, but I’m not trying to brag on you. After all, ⅔ of them are a hot mess.

But you know that. Hopefully you’ve fixed that by now. At the time of writing this, you’re just about done with editing Sparrow. Done with editing Sparrow, can you believe that? I can’t. It’s been close to three years… and I’m on the brink of querying. Querying! Three years ago, I don’t think I could have believed myself if I said that I’d have actually finished a book. Started a trilogy.

But I don’t really know what the future holds for you, as I currently stand at the brink of my senior year. You’re graduated by now, of course. Maybe your querying rounds were successful. You could have an agent by now, you could have a contract by now… or, of course, you could have nothing by now.
But no matter what the future holds, it’ll be alright.

Even if you’re not published for another several years, or never, you still wrote a book. A trilogy. You still prayed and cried and planned and plotted and wrote and typed and read and edited and spent countless hours pouring into a world to tell a story about a girl who found hope and realized Jesus is worth the cost.

You told the story that matters, and that’s what counts. You set out to write this thing, and it got written. You go. Trust God in all things, and fix your eyes on him. I don’t really want to paraphrase the verse, so here, read it in all of its glory:

1 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, 2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. 3 Consider him who endured such opposition from sinners, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.

Also, don’t forget about what we talked about in church today. “Strength is for service, not status.” It’s from Romans 15.

Past Jeneca.

Have you ever written a letter to your future self before? What did you think when you read it, and how long did you wait to do so?

life rambles in the month of june

I have had many, many blog post ideas in the past week. Most of them aren’t too bad, if I do say so myself.

But I don’t have it in me to write them. I’ll get the idea late at night, and then poof: by the next morning when I have time set aside to write the ideas, I have no desire to do so.

life rambles

Or… I’ve just forgotten them. That happened two days ago, when I had (what I think was) a killer idea, but didn’t write it down. I can’t remember it. It’s sad.

I’ve been “mulling over my existence,” what I’m going to do with myself now that I’m a senior, college, what this whole writing thing looks like for me, and making art.

So why not blog about it, instead of some put together neat little guide? This is my blog after all… and it’s called Jeneca Writes… so here I go writing.

  1. I’ve felt pretty distracted and distant from God lately. It’s most likely because I’ve been trying to do things on my own. Over the past day or so, however, I remembered I’ve got to depend on Him and that I can’t do things in my own power. It sounds like a silly thing to forget and rather obvious, but when you’re wading around in this world?


2. I’m a senior now… officially, too, now that the semester has been over for a month or so and we’ve started summer. While I’ve been enjoying school free times, I’ve been thinking about college.

College is expensive. really. If I were to go to college, I am very much determined not to go into debt, or at least not majorly in debt. Also, every major I’m considering is stuff I want to learn more about and isn’t really necessary to get a job. I wouldn’t probably make profit back on those things.

Art: there’s a reason starving artists are a thing, guys. XD

writing books: don’t really need a degree on this, and it most likely wouldn’t “pay off” if I did.

spanish: this actually is a useful thing. I want to delve more into spanish, but not because I have a career in mind that I need spanish for. XD

I do want to make this clear, though: I’m not saying I have to make profit or I’m wasting my time. No, that’s silly. College has lots of valuable knowledge. I’m just saying it feels silly to spend gobs of money on a degree for something that won’t return that money and put me worse off financially. *shrugs* And I know there are so many resources outside college for me to learn from, or I can do the things I love with out a degree.

3. Writing. I’ve been getting distracted recently. However, this last week has been pretty strong. I’ve focused enough to get through all the beta comments that were typo/sentence structure comments on Sparrow Singing.
Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 9.40.13 AM

Now I’ve moved onto my giant list of possible small revisions. Stuff like “More Ember dialogue,” “Clarify this,” and, “Clarify That.” In fact, that’s what I’m supposed to be doing now.

The first three things on the list (they’re not in a particular order) is to clarify a subplot, carry another subplot out to the end, then clarify that this book is Dystopian. World building. Man, I’m not the best world builder, not really, but I’m glad I can see this now as a weakness of mine.


4. Publishing. Despite of my “change list” for Sparrow, I have this feeling I’m getting close to querying agents. I mean, if I get tons of feedback screaming about how Sparrow is.not.ready, then I’ll go back to fixing it.

and im not throwin away my shot either


But there’s always the chance I’ll get a yes, or a bit of constructive criticism that will make or break my book.

Once I finish this editing round, I’m calling it done and going querying. Of course, I still need to figure out how the heck to write a synopsis, a good query letter, and to make sure it’s all to the standards of the five agents I have saved in my “>>AGENTS<<” folder in my bookmarks.


5. Blogging. This week, I bought wordpress hosting on Godaddy, including the jenecawrites domain.

Why then, you might ask, isn’t my domain jenecawrites?

because I returned it within thirty minutes

I realized I jumped the gun. I’m not entirely ready to self host because A) I’m not published b) I’m not quite prepared to shell out 15$ a month if I’m not making a profit form the site c) I don’t even have a contract signed to publish.

Besides, a pretty domain doesn’t make a blog. It’s the content. So here I am, making content. content is king. this ramble is technically content.

No one has probably read this far. oh well. XD

But anyway, that’s what’s been on my mind. I promise next week to have a more refined blog post. However, the next time I blog I think It’ll be a monthly look back… or at least close to one. oops.

Thanks for reading. Free Haagen Daz ice cream (or whatever your desired dessert is) if you read this far.

What’s been on your mind lately?